Pastor Develops Witnessing Strategy for Muslims

Pastor Brian Kelly, who pastors in New York and operates the 42nd Street Soul Saving Station in the 42nd Street subway station, witnesses to many Muslims who pass his literature stand.  He has found a systematic approach that often gets the Muslim thinking about Jesus and sometimes accepting Him as Saviour.

Kelly begins by telling the Muslim that the Bible is true and can be trusted.  The standard response from the Muslim is that the Bible has been corrupted and contains errors.  He is surprised when Kelly agrees with him that all the modern Bibles are unreliable, but that God has preserved one Bible that can be trusted: the King James Version.

Kelly then points to the Qur`an, that is considered reliable only in the Arabic language. The Muslim admits that he has not personally studied the original Qur`an, that he relies on the imam to interpret it. Kelly shows that the New Testament in the KJV is much larger than the Qur`an and contains a more complete account of God`s will for us. Furthermore, anyone can read and understand it for himself.

If he can convince the Muslim that the Bible is accurate and trustworthy, then he will move the discussion to Jesus.  He will try to show the Muslim that the Qur`an talks about Jesus but has incomplete information about Him.

To illustrate, Kelly will show him verses that speak of a loving God quite different than the vengeful, inscrutable Allah of Islam. In fact, Jesus was that loving God who went to the cross and died in our place so we could know for sure that we would have a place in heaven.

This leads to a discussion about the Muslim`s lack of assurance that the Islamic rituals will take care of his sin problem. In explaining the reason for the Christian`s assurance, Kelly can show that Jesus was more than just a prophet like Islam teaches. He can prove from this more complete Word of God that Jesus was really God in the flesh.  Furthermore, this loving God cared enough for us to come in the flesh and take the punishment for our sins on the cross. That way, we could know for sure we would go to heaven by trusting in His sacrifice for us.

By stressing the contrast between the Christian assurance of a loving relationship with Jesus and the uncertain rituals of Islam, Kelly demonstrates how faith in Jesus and the Bible is a better path to heaven.

Even if the Muslim does not accept Christ at the time, Kelly has given him much to think about. By showing that the Bible is more complete and trustworthy and that Jesus paid for our sins and purchased assurance of heaven, he holds out a new kind of hope that the average Muslim has not encountered in Islam.

Kelly makes sure that the Muslim has a handful of tracts to leave with, such as Allah Had No Son, Men of Peace? and Unforgiven.

He also gives them the Crusaders Comics, Sabotage to help them understand about the KJV, and The Prophet on the origins of Islam. Other tracts such as Creator or Liar, Love Story, and The Word Became Flesh help them understand about Jesus.

Using this approach, Kelly has led a couple of Muslims to Christ on the spot and others have visited his church to learn more. Only eternity will tell how many more have responded later to Kelly`s witness.


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