New Tract a Shot at the Watchtower

One of the most tragic deceptions walking the streets of our neighborhoods today is the one the Watchtower Society has sold to their people. For years Chick Publications has struggled to find a chink in their armor. Finally, a story came together and a new tract was born called War Games.

Often, soul winners will offer to trade a tract for a copy of the Watchtower magazine and be refused. War Games attempts to overcome this by a surprise intro that gets the reader so engaged that he has to continue reading. The story dialog then targets two of the central pillars holding up the Watchtower. When these are pulled down like Samson did to the temple of the Philistines, the flimsy girders of the Watchtower crumble.

Foremost in the Watchtower universe is trust in the Watchtower teachings. War Games quickly challenges the reader to decide whether they will place their trust in the inspired Holy Bible or the uninspired Watchtower teachings. Examples are given where the two directly contradict.

Once it is established that the watchtower is inferior to the Bible, the more critical pillar of their false doctrine of Jesus is attacked. Comparing Isaiah 45 and Philippians 2, the soul winner in War Games proves from the Bible that Jesus is Jehovah and that the Watchtower teaching is a lie. Other proofs are presented such as Jesus` own claim to be divine and the name, Immanuel, (God with us) given to Mary by the angel. 

For backup training in using War Games, a book by Daniel Rodriguez, called Winning the Witnesses, is a detailed how-to manual for training soul winners in undermining the JW`s trust in the Watchtower.

The JWs offer a cunning mixture of Scripture verses and "almost" Christian doctrines. Their approach, like that of the Mormons, is to first stress elements of their doctrine which avoid controversy. The rest comes later.

But they are an "organization" of slaves, working desperately to "earn" eternal life. They seek salvation, not by grace, but by becoming "Kingdom Publishers." They don`t have a personal relationship with Christ (who they say is not God), but rather they observe a system of law and works.

They devote their attention to an all-encompassing fascination with prophecy, and the "vindication of God`s sovereignty." They teach that Jehovah God existed from the beginning, His first creations were two angels, Michael (who later becomes Jesus) and Lucifer. Jehovah God created all else through his firstborn, Jesus (Michael).

Jehovah appointed Lucifer to watch over earth, but the angel became jealous of Jehovah. He seduced Adam and Eve, and became Satan. He dared challenge Jehovah`s right to rule! Jehovah gave Satan 6,000 years to try to win over all humanity. When he fails, Jehovah God will re-establish his kingdom and destroy Satan and all his rebellious followers, thus vindicating Jehovah`s name (an obsession with Witnesses).

After thousands of years of this struggle, Jehovah God arranged for Michael to cease to exist and be recreated as Jesus, a human. He was killed as a ransom on a torture stake (not a cross) for all mankind. This released men from Adam`s sinful legacy, and gave them a chance to be worthy of eternal life —if they were faithful Witnesses. When the human Jesus died, he stayed dead. He was recreated as a spirit (no bodily resurrection) and lives in heaven. They look forward to Jesus` involvement in a final Armageddon battle between Jehovah and Satan and the ushering in of a "New World." When Daniel Rodriguez used the witnessing techniques in Winning the Witnesses on a town in Oregon, construction on a Kingdom Hall stopped. Many of the members lost interest and a few came to Christ.

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