COVID-19 Has Decimated the Kingdom Halls and Watchtower

Cancellation of meetings and inability to go door-to-door has made it impossible for Jehovah’s Witnesses to provide financing for the Watchtower. Kingdom Halls by the hundreds are being sold.

Failed JW Prophecies - Good Witnessing Points

The failed prophecies of the Watchtower Society are valuable witnessing points when dealing with Jehovah`s Witnesses.

Failed Prophecies Cast Doubt on All Watchtower Interpretations of Scripture

Thomas Heinze, in his book, Answers to My Jehovah's Witness Friends, says that Jehovah's Witnesses are vulnerable in two areas.

Jehovah's Witnesses -- Where Did They Come From?

The group known as Jehovah's Witnesses began in 1872 under the teaching of Charles Taze Russell.

New Tract a Shot at the Watchtower

This new tract for Jehovah's Witnesses shows clearly that the Watchtower Society does not claim to be inspired, and that the Scriptures prove Jesus is Jehovah.