Mormon Church Helps Pass the Olympic Torch

Mormon leaders claim that they made no effort to influence the decision to bring the Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City. But they did not let the opportunity go to waste. They donated land and money for facilities so that when the medals were awarded, the six granite spires and gold statue of the Salt Lake Temple lit up the sky directly behind the ceremony stage.

In a rare connection of religion with the games, it was arranged for the Olympic Torch to stop at the steps of the Mormon headquarters where the members of the First Presidency leaders passed it to each other to the cheering of thousands of church members.

About 50 percent of Salt Lake City`s residents are Mormon. Many are ex-missionaries. Foreign visitors were surprised to be greeted in their own language by Mormons who spent time as missionaries in their home country.

The location of the games in Mormon territory provided thousands of leads for their missionaries to follow up on for months to come. This means that there may be more Mormon activity in your area.

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