Message From Jack Chick July/August 2013

Dear ones in Christ,

The homosexuals never give up. Their cry is still: "We`re here, we`re queer and we`re coming after your children." They also declare, "We`re born this way!" which is a lie out of hell, put out to guilt-induce us into feeling sorry for them, giving them an edge.

But their agenda is fierce, powerful, and effective. Politicians fear their push for gay rights. Their screaming, cursing demands never stop. Their influence comes through the media using gays in comedy -which helps open the door for them. And it has paid off big time. Laws have been passed making them victims of hate crimes. Pastors are in danger if they preach against them. The louder they yell, the more their opposition backs down into the shadows.

Last week a black basketball player came out of the closet. The gays and the media loved it as thousands cheered. The gay agenda in California schools starting with the first grade is paying off for them and giving us a gay world.

The word of God is rejected by governments worldwide. Gay power has been embraced by nearly all -even pushed by the UN. Is the U.S. involved? She`s as guilty as the rest and will face God`s wrath for her crimes.

We`ve prayed and asked God for a story to hit both Satan and the gay lies, and He gave us the tract, Uninvited, which we released two years ago. I expected a roar from the sodomites: phone calls, curses, but what did we hear? Nothing! Not even a peep.

They were afraid to draw attention to it! God gave us the weapon we needed.
They weren`t born gay. Satan gave them a homosexual demon when they were sexually abused. Who was the offender? A relative? Only the Lord knows. Gays seem to sense something dark is inside them. There is, and it`s got control of them.

All young people face this demon. The schools pressure them to think it`s alright so they go with the crowd. But to show your love and concern we need to offer them a copy of Uninvited. Young people will realize the gay lifestyle is demonic and only the Lord Jesus Christ can set them free.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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