Ex-Muslim Authors Detail Witnessing Strategies

Suddenly Islam is center focus of the world. Is it really a peaceful religion? Why would young people want to die for it? Will Muslim terrorists strike the U.S. again?

For the soul winner, the questions are different. It is obvious to Bible believers that Muslims need Jesus just like anyone else. But how do you penetrate this strange world view with biblical truth?

Ergun and Emir Caner have tried to help us. They have lived in both worlds. Raised as devout Sunni Muslims, they now are highly respected theology professors.

Their book Unveiling Islam, is the story of their journey to Christ. But the goal of the book is to help the rest of us know how to witness to these baffling people.

The authors point out that the soul winner must first win a hearing: "To witness to the 1.2 billion Muslims on the earth, the Western Christian has many cultural hurdles and potholes to maneuver."

They detail two major areas where Christians fail: Cultural offenses, and misunderstandings in theological revelation. Something as simple as a handshake with the wrong hand can offend and raise a barrier to further discussion.

Our casual conversation with the opposite sex can be viewed as insulting. Inviting Muslim neighbors to meal of pork or shellfish would not be well received. The Caners detail several other "innocent" practices that should be avoided in attempting to establish a relationship with Muslims.

The other area where the soul winner must develop a special skill is in the defense of the Scripture. He must be able to give solid reasons why he considers the Bible to be God's perfect Word.

The Muslim has been well taught that the Koran (also spelled Qur'an) is Allah's perfect revelation and that the Bible is corrupted. According to the Caners, soul winners must concentrate on the question of which book is most reliable. It is obvious that they cannot both be true since there are so many contradictions between them.

There are verses in the Koran that speak favorably of the Bible. Unveiling Islam details several of these that the soul winner can use to help a Muslim see that the Bible is God's Word.

The Caners conclude that witnessing to a Muslim presents special difficulties. But they see this as a positive because it forces the soul winner to become educated in the culture of Islam and more thoroughly versed in the solid reasons why the Bible, not the Koran, is God's perfect Word.

If God has given you a burden for a Muslim neighbor or co-worker, a thorough study of Unveiling Islam will greatly increase you chances of guiding him into the kingdom.

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