Disney Does It Again

For at least a couple of generations, Mom could go off and do the dishes, trusting the kiddos to a “good” Disney movie. Then along came a tilt toward sexualization, with characters surreptitiously introducing same-sex characters. Now one survey reports that there are “gay” quotas required in most movie character roles.

This year there is a new worry for Mom: demons. A new TV show, “The Owl House” features a powerful witch and a disguised understudy. The key word here is “powerful,” since that is what witchcraft offers to vulnerable youngsters who insecurely doubt their self-worth.

But the price is high.

In a culture determined to erase all reasons for why we are here, Satan is determined to fill the void. He has fed our hunger for amusements by a variety of fantasies:

• Man’s penchant for endless distractions and curiosity for “some new thing.”

• Sex is mostly for pleasure. Any resulting procreation is a huge inconvenience requiring murder of an innocent.

• Fancy dressed “athletes” draw huge crowds who then waste vast amounts of vital energy talking endlessly about trivia while the world goes to hell all around them.

Satan scored again with Rowling’s series of witchcraft manuals clothed as engaging stories to nudge people closer to the line where curiosity about the hard stuff begins. Now, good old reliable Disney is determined to introduce the hard stuff.

Surveys tell us that Wiccan followers numbered only a few thousand in 1990. Today there are over 1.5 million who identify as Wiccan or Pagan. Satan would have us believe that there are two kinds of witches: white and black.

But those who have escaped from that realm tell us that that is just another lie: white is just a bridge to the black on the highway to hell. The thirst for power always demands more.

At midnight last Halloween, witches banded together to cast a “binding” spell on the U.S. president for his “malignant works” that are “harming America” in their twisted view. They are frequently organizing these spells on social media pages against him.

One ex-witch is going public against the new Disney cartoon. Jenny Weaver told CBN News: “I’m telling you it was one of darkest times of my life. That realm is very real, just like the Kingdom of God and the Holy Ghost is real, so is that realm. And when you get in that realm and you open that door, the enemy wants to take you out.”

Weaver grew up in a dysfunctional family and in her depression began cutting herself. She became fascinated with a movie called The Craft where four high school witches had power and control. This introduced her to the lie that that kind of power was the way out of her problems.

She became a practicing witch, but she remembers hearing voices that said, “Just kill yourself. Just go away. It would be better off if you would just die.” She also descended into drug addiction and lesbianism.

Weaver recalls: “I was smoking methamphetamines in dope houses, sleeping in people’s sheds, being tore up by bugs all day long. And so, I remember just crying out to God. I cried out to the top of my lungs, I said ‘God Help Me!’”

God was listening and through His response she is now a popular worship leader and author, able to speak into young lives who are being tempted by Satan’s false promise of power.

It is impossible to counter every temptation that the Devil throws out without the spiritual armor that Paul talks about in Ephesians 6. The belt of Truth is the center piece of that armor, and Truth is something we are commissioned to share.

In our busyness, we usually only have about 3 seconds contact with someone in the world. But that is enough time to give them the Good News in an engaging gospel tract. What’s at stake is their eternity —and our faithfulness to the Great Commission.

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