Creeping Sharia — It's Not a Theory

By David W. Daniels

"Christmas season" —many Bible believers object to the term. We do not celebrate a Catholic mass and eat a bread-god "Christ" on December 25. These ancient pagan rituals are definitely not Christian. Neither does the "Christmas tree" have anything to do with the birth of Christ. That's something "Christmas" decorations, presents and trees have in common. Their origins are pagan, not Christian, and certainly not biblical. But they have something else in common. They are also not Muslim.

A small housing development in Kokkedal, 16 miles north of Copenhagen, Denmark, may hold a lesson for the rest of the Western World. Five of the nine board members of the housing association are now Muslims. This year they decided it was too expensive to spend 7,000 kroner for the annual Christmas tree.

Tough financial times were not the problem. That same board had, earlier in the year, financed the Muslim celebration of Eid costing 60,000 kroner. That's why people started calling the Muslims on the board intolerant.

Danish media jumped on the story. Konservative Member of Parliament, Tom Behnke, said calmly:

"It is deeply troubling that our integration efforts have failed so badly that Danish traditions are removed and replaced by Muslim traditions the moment there is a Muslim majority."

A small business owner offered to pay 7,000 kroner for this year's Christmas tree, and 7,000 toward next year's Eid celebration. But the answer was still "No."

Residents started gathering signatures for a petition of "no-confidence" toward their board. Two journalists from TV2 News came to report on the story. No sooner were they out of their van, when "25 masked individuals" began throwing bricks and cobblestones at their van, shouting things like "Neo Nazi!" and yelling at them to leave. They left. Quickly.

Martin Henriksen, Danish integration spokesperson for the Dansk Folkeparti (DF) said:

"Every year we hear more and more about schools and institutions that downplay Christmas to protect the rights of a Muslim minority."

So many people act as if this is something new and "un-Islamic." But this is exactly what faithful Muslims do in every country.

In fact, two Muslims were just elected to the city council of Brussels, capital of the European Union. They promptly vowed to turn all Belgium into a Muslim country, based on Sharia law.

For centuries, Islam has followed a five-step process in taking over countries:
1. Infiltrate (Move in)
2. Populate (Grow large families and recruit others; gain a population foothold)
3. Legislate (Make laws against converting Muslims away from Islam)
4. Decimate (Take over the country little by little, one city at a time)
5. Eliminate (Destroy those who do not submit to Sharia law)

Remember the tens of thousands of Indonesian Christians and Catholics who were tortured, raped and killed by Muslims, simply for voting for independence on East Timor Island in January of 1999? No? It was devastating. In years following, Christians were slaughtered and churches were burned down to shouts of "Allahu Akbar!" while police looked on approvingly. Google it if you still can. A list of several hundred documented Muslim attacks on Christians since 9/11 can be found at

Brothers and sisters, we need to get busy. Hand out tracts like Camel's in the Tent, Is Allah like You?, Men of Peace?, and Allah Had No Son that expose Islam, even to Muslims. Tim Berends* has shown that it can be done, with love, prayer and a little creativity. You can also hand people Who's the Real Hater? to help them realize that you are doing it out of love, not hate.

If we do not get going, we will no longer have to worry about "creeping Sharia." Sharia will simply be the law of the land.

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