Chick Mail Bag May-2008

One day I was witnessing to some gypsy and Turkish soldiers how Jesus had saved me from my sins. After I finished my testimony a soldier came to me and told me that he was a believer too. He told me that he found a Chick Tract This Was Your Life somewhere while being in the army and read it over and over many times and then prayed God to forgive him his sins and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to save him. Then the soldier pulled out the Chick tract and showed it to me. Praise God for His marvelous works and for His ways which He uses to lead us to the Savior!
D. S. Bulgaria

My daughter, who served in the Navy, backslid and was living in open sin. I was at home praying while she was in Toulon, France. The Lord was faithful to provide a witness through your tract This Was Your Life. My daughter went to a public restroom in Toulon and lo and behold there was the tract in English no less. Is our God awesome or what?? She called home in tears to tell us how the Lord had answered our prayers. I now use your materials with my grandchildren and others as well.
D. L. Port, IN

Since our last letter two young girls have received Jesus as their Savior. Both are 16 years old. One saved from Somebody Loves You and The Sissy and the other saved from reading Back From the Dead. We just had a young woman join our church. She was saved about two years or so ago from a Chick tract that someone had thrown on the ground downtown one Sunday evening where we were handing out tracts.
The Powell Family, Taiwan

I am a recent high school graduate who would like to share a few things with you. First, I was led to Christ by my foster dad after we read This Was Your Life. Since then I have had the opportunity of leading others to Christ with the help of Chick tracts. They are Great!
D. W. Hull, GA

I am a Muslim by birth and I have a friend who is a Christian. He likes me so much that he gave me some of your books to read. When I read them I was afraid, especially The Prophet. When I read that Mohammed was not sent by God to be a prophet, I gave my life to Jesus!
S.A. Ogun State, Nigeria

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