Can a Christian Be a Mason?

Several years ago this writer witnessed an odd mixture at a funeral of a relative....

'Jack the Ripper' Memorial Home For Battered Women?

Naming a boy's order after DeMolay is like naming a shelter for batter women after Jack the Ripper, or a home for unwed mothers after serial killer Ted Bundy!

Should A Christian Become A Mason?

It goes against the spirit of Masonry for a member to take seriously the Great Commission, or to focus on living life as a Bible-believing Christian. Masonry is not concerned with the gospel.

Southern Baptist Study on Masonry

Southern Baptist Convention found Freemasonry to be 'incompatible with Christianity' but was unwilling (afraid?) to tell Baptists to stay out.

The Masonic Lodge and Presbyterianism

The 1984 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland appointed a committee to make a study of the practices and teachings of Freemasonry and its compatibility with Presbyterian standards.

What Would You Do If .....?

You knew that some of your church leaders belonged to a secret Society with ceremonies derived from pagan, even satanic rituals?