What Would You Do If .....?

  • You knew that some of your church leaders belonged to a secret Society with ceremonies derived from pagan, even satanic rituals?
  • You knew that this Society claims there are many ways to heaven, discouraging any attempt at soul winning in the Society?
  • You knew that it prescribes ritualistic prayer but forbids praying in Jesus' name in their lodges?
  • You knew that to join, you have to admit you are in darkness, seeking light from a "light bearer" who is not Jesus?
  • You knew that it requires its members to admit to believing in a god that is so generic that all religious deities can fit the definition?
  • You knew that all members must swear a blood oath to serve a "worshipful master" other than Jesus?
  • You knew that the Society reveres the Bible but only as one of many books of equal value?
  • You knew that it teaches that there is only one "religion" made up of all the various religions of the world?
  • You knew that members are taught that heaven is gained by our good works, that Christ's redemption on the cross is never mentioned.

By now, anyone familiar with Freemasonry will have identified this "Society." Some of these facts are well known by member Masons. Others may not have thought of it in this light. However, for the blood-bought Bible believer, it becomes clear that for a Christian to join Masonry, is to swear allegiance to two masters. And it is impossible to serve one without offending the other.

So what should we do with this "Society" which former Mason Jack Harris calls "The invisible cult in our midst?" In the Good 'Ol Boys, Bob Williams explains that we must not put anything ahead of Christ. This tract explains some of the abominations mentioned above. It is designed to trigger alarm in the heart of anyone in Masonry. It also is helpful for anyone who has a Mason as a family member.

Chick Publications also offers several paperback books on the satanic nature of Masonry. William Schnoebelen, in "Masonry: Beyond the Light", points out that, "To be a Mason, you must first take an oath that is, in reality, a denial of Jesus Christ."

Dr. Cathy Burns, in Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star, describes Eastern Star's connection to Masonry and documents its pagan religious teachings and imagery. Dr. Burns has also demonstrated Masonry's pervasive influence in the top echelons of political and religious power in her extensive volume, Billy Graham and His Friends.

These books contain hundreds of pages of documentation proving that no Bible believer can serve a "Worshipful Master" in a Masonry lodge and obey Jesus Christ as Lord of his life.