A Message From Jack Chick About Alberto Rivera

Dear Ones in Christ,

Last Saturday morning I re-read The Force, written by Alberto Rivera - a man I love, who had more courage than anyone I ever knew at that time.

I grieve over the fact that the Roman Catholic system had the power to block the "Alberto" comic book series. Only a few bookstores have the courage to continue carrying them. And I can understand the pressure they face; the insults and threats they had to endure. How sad that the message was blocked when it is so desperately needed by the precious souls deceived by this prostitute "church."

How could the Vatican pull this off? Through traitors, deceivers and those who swallowed the Vatican's lies. My first encounter after publishing Alberto came from "the Bible Answer Man" - Walter Martin. I was stunned until Alberto told me he had a list of "Christians" on the Vatican's "safe list," - those sympathetic to Catholicism, and actively protecting her - and Martin was on the top of the list! Later I found that Martin had gone through Catholic schools. Well, then I could understand why he opposed us.

But then Christianity Today dealt us a devastating blow, an article "exposing" Alberto as a fraud. My goodness, why? This publication was founded by the great Billy Graham, whom I loved and supported! Oh my, what a surprise when I learned that his first big campaign in Los Angeles (that made him famous) was backed by the Roman Catholic William Randolph Hearst. Then I learned that Graham had very powerful friends in high places,1 including the pope. Many on Billy Graham's staff are Masons, and Graham even received an honorary degree from a Catholic college. Then I understood Christianity Today's attack on Alberto Rivera's comic books.

Years later I received word from a contact who had INTERPOL, CIA and FBI connections. They checked out the article in Christianity Today and discovered that not one of the charges made against Alberto Rivera could hold up ... But the damage was done. The Christian community jumped on the bandwagon - both Catholics and Charismatic Christians pounded most of the Christian bookstores into submission, including the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). Why? Because they are bound hand and foot to Rome.

Alberto's wife told me my friend was murdered. Alberto himself told me before his death that they had poisoned him. Rome had silenced her enemy. But as long as I'm still around those books will be available. I encourage you to read what Alberto said because it's all true. But our exposé of the Great Whore of Revelation is still causing waves. It may be only a blip on the screen of time. But the overall Christian community ignores it, because we are moving into the Great Falling Away, spoken of by the Apostle Paul. The Great Whore must gather all the "professing" Christians into her fold in the Last Days to fulfill Bible prophecy. We can't stop her power. It must keep growing until the Lord Jesus destroys her at His return.

But a billion precious souls are deceived by Rome's false gospel. We must give it our best shot to win them to Christ. We dare not stop trying to save them until the Lord calls us home.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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