Hitler's Death Camps: Holocaust... or Inquisition?

Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit priest, says "holocaust" is the wrong word. It should be "inquisition."

Is The Vatican Broke?

From time to time, news reports surface that the Vatican will run some $50 million in the red for the current year.

Pope Pushing WW II Mass Murderer for Sainthood

Pope John Paul II's recent visit to Croatia was highlighted by the beatification of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac.

The Vatican's Holocaust

Avro Manhattan, world-renouned expert on the Vatican in politics, shows us the true face of Rome in his book "The Vatican's Holocaust."

Unholy Mother of Intolerance: The Inquisition

If Hitler should return and proclaim deep love for the Jews; or Stalin appear and declare himself a Capitalist, would we not take them with a largish pinch of salt?