Hitler's Death Camps: Holocaust... or Inquisition?

Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit priest, says "holocaust" is the wrong word. He prefers "inquisition." "The Jews have not let us forget the Nazi slaughter of their people, but no one has continued to remind us of the other four to six million non-Jews also executed," he points out.

Bohdan Wytwycky in "The Other Holocaust" documents seven million non-Jewish civilian victims of the Nazi death machine in Poland, Ukraine and Belorussia. Historians suggest that the death camps and gas chambers were used specifically against the Jews, yet no serious investigation has been directed toward this even larger number of non-Jews who were executed. Dr Rivera states that in his training as a Jesuit he was taught that the Vatican manipulated the Nazi death machine not just against Jews, but more broadly against ` all "heretics."

When we remember that the Jesuits were specifically established to counter the "heresy" of the Reformation and that that objective has not changed, we are constrained to examine this other group of victims more carefully. Other books published by Chick Publications such as Secret History of the Jesuits by Paris, Godfathers and Smokescreens by Jack Chick, document the Vatican's support of Hitler's rise to power. History also proves that the Vatican has used every available means to stamp out "heretics." Romanism defines heretics as anyone who does not give blind obedience to the pope. Her treatment of them is most currently illustrated by the bloodshed in North Ireland and the attempt to turn South Vietnam into a Catholic dictatorship under President Diem just prior to the Vietnam War.

In that case, the "heretics" were the Buddhists who had to torch themselves in the streets to get enough world attention to stop their inquisition. Many of them converted to Catholicism under the persecution. ("Vietnam, Why Did We Go?" by Avro Manhattan.) The most detailed evidence available that many of these World War II executions resulted from the refusal to convert to Catholicism comes from Croatia. Avro Manhattan in his book, "Catholic Terror Today," provides extensive photo and documented evidence of the inquisitional nature of the war.

Upon the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Ante Pavelitch became the leader of the independent Catholic state of Croatia under the protection of Mussolini and Hitler. Pope Pius XII also supported him with diplomacy and money. When he was firmly in control, he issued an ultimatum to the non-Catholic population (heretics): convert to Catholicism or die. Most of them were Eastern Orthodox and their churches were closed, parish documents destroyed and worshipers often arrested, imprisoned in their own churches and set on fire. Those who did not convert were submitted to unbelievable torture or were slaughtered outright. (See Smokescreens, chapter 3.)

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