Where is Islam’s "solid center" condemning the extremists?

A persecution watchdog in Nigeria has reported that over 52,000 Christians have been murdered in that country since Islamist “extremists” group, Boko Haram, began an insurgency in 2009.

In the first hundred days of 2023, 1,041 Christians were killed and 707 have been kidnapped.

Much of the world has agreed that this is the work of fringe “extremists.” But those who have studied the roots of Islam would beg to differ. There are differing definitions of extremism. Some draw the line at physical violence where anyone who steps over that line is extreme. But extreme, perfectly understood, implies there is a large, solid, “non-extreme” group in the center. That solid center in Islam is extremely difficult to locate when you exclude violent behavior.

Where is the “solid center” in the Muslim world objecting to the “extremists” dancing in the streets of Gaza when they score a deadly hit against Israel. There was a noticeable lack of horror in the Muslim world when the two towers came down in New York. Muslim-dominated governments made little effort to see that such an atrocity did not happen again.

Is Sunni Saudi Arabia, home of Islam’s sacred Kaaba, not to be considered extreme when they refuse to allow one Christian church to be built in the country? Or arrest people who attempt to bring a Bible in? Until recently, Saudi women were not allowed to drive a car and were required to cover their entire body (black abaya or head cover) when out in public.

Or is the other major faction of Islam, Shia Iran, part of the solid center when they lie about their program to develop a nuclear weapon and promise to annihilate Israel, (the “little Satan”) and America, (the “Great Satan”)? Their oppression of women and violence toward non-Muslims is also legendary.

There is, however, a vast center group in Islam that is not allowed to know any other way. If they consider leaving Islam, consequences range from extreme family pressure to execution. They are largely in the dark regarding Mohammed's record of violence, his perverse sexual exploits, and brutal torture of his enemies. Even knowledge of the Quran is not encouraged.

Today, Islam claims that jihad is simply a defense mechanism against attack or oppression. But their definition of attack goes far beyond basic warfare. The intrusion into their territory of any other teaching besides Islam is considered an attack that justifies physical violence. The 52,000 Christian martyrs mentioned above did not pose a military attack on Islam but threatened the power hold on the Muslim people.

Where are the prominent Muslim voices being raised against this “extreme” atrocity?

And since dedicated Christians are not easily dissuaded from the mandate of the Great Commission, the only response left for Islam is physical attack. The world's approach toward Islam today is that the 1.9 billion Muslims are mostly peace-loving, tolerant people. However, that “peace” depends on total elimination of any other spiritual influence in their domain.

In his book, "Who Is This Allah", author G.J.O. Moshay explains that violence in Islam is supported by the sacred books of Islam, the Qur’an and the Hadith:

"Many Muslims are embarrassed about the violence done in the name of their religion and explain that Islam is being misrepresented by these violent people. We honestly wish this were so.

We often hear that Islam is a religion of peace; that only the extremists are violent. But we rarely ask ourselves whether what we say about a religion is according to history or our expectation of the religion, or according to the modern slogans of Islamic leaders and our politicians.

The history of Islam, written by the most respected and earliest Muslim historians does not show the kind of Islam Americans expect. The sacred books of Islam, the Qur’an and the body of tradition called the Hadith, show clearly the real Islam. Any other “Islam” is our own imaginations and expectations.

In this book excerpt, we will show that the actions of Islamic terrorists are not necessarily because they are evil. Rather, it is because of who they believe to be “God” speaking in the Qur’an. They follow his clear instruction and motivation.

Islam is what the founder of the religion says it is, and not what politicians and American academics think it is. The best example of Islam is not seen in any modern man, but in its founder.

Many of Muslims are nice people who normally would not practice violence. But the more a Muslim studies and understands the Qur’an, and the history of Islam’s founder, the more he realizes that non-Muslims must be forced to accept Islam or be subjugated if they ignore the religion."

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There is little that we can do in those closed countries to reach the individuals with the gospel. Some are using modern technology to broadcast the gospel into those areas. But millions of Muslims have left the countries protected against other influences and infiltrated much of America and the Western World. There are some areas of The United States where Islam is so concentrated that they are able to elect political representatives in our governments.

These millions of Muslims provide an ideal opening for soul winners. Chick Publications provides both evangelism tools with tracts and comics, and training books to better equip soul winners to approach this mission field that has come to our doorstep.

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"Who Is This Allah?

Islam is a religion without redemption, because it has a god who does not love mankind. Moshay PROVES that Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same.

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