How they kill your faith in most Bible colleges.

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Jack: Many of us, who haven't come to Bible college, wonder about, "Well, maybe I should. Maybe I should get a college degree. Maybe that's what I need in order to understand the word of God better. How would you answer that one?

David: The first thing they teach you, the very first thing when we walked in was how to doubt the Bible. Immediately it came in. "The 'Original Autographs' are the only things that are inspired; but alas, we don't have the 'Original Autographs.'" and "Every Bible is okay, except the King James."

You know, "little things" like that.

And something called "Textual Criticism," and what that is, about finding the "Original Text" and how you're supposed to do this. And actually, you're taught how to doubt, systematically. I tell about it, right out of the very basics, in this book.

Jack: Wow. So this is a resource that you want to have.

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