What Do Muslims Want?

IMAGE: Pro-Palestinian protesters burning a drawing of an Israeli flag.


In the maelstrom of events in the Middle East that is tormenting the entire planet, there has surfaced a document that claims to be a letter from former al-Qaida leader, Osama bin Laden. It is written to Americans right after the attack on the World Trade Center towers.

In over 3000 words he lays out a worldview so foreign to the western mind that it is easily dismissed.

He immediately invokes Allah, framing the entire discussion as a religious conflict. The world is divided into two categories, “believers,” and “disbelievers” in Allah. “Believers” are granted permission, even urged, to retaliate against any perceived wrong. Anyone who does not worship Allah is a “disbeliever” and automatically categorized as a worshipper of Satan and a candidate for elimination by any means possible.

He then observes:

“Some American writers have published articles under the title ‘On what basis are we fighting?’”

His answer is simple:

“Because you attacked us and continue to attack us.”

He immediately lays his charges at the feet of the American taxpayer who he blames for financing a long list of perceived unfair attacks against the Islamic nations.

His list starts with Palestine.

He claims there have been 50 years “overflowing with oppression, tyranny, crimes, killing, expulsion, destruction and devastation” by the Jews with the “help and support” of America. Other places on his list include Chechnya, Kashmir, and Lebanon where Islam was “unjustly attacked.”

He then condemns the governments of other Islamic states who dare to trade with America, charging America with economic exploitation and preventing the full installation of Islamic law, the Shariah, in those countries.

The logic is perverse. It is OK if Muslims move in to murderously capture new territory. But they quickly play the victims when anyone challenges them.

Bin Laden then turns to a second question supposedly asked by the Americans:

“What are we (Muslims) calling you (the Americans) to, and what do we want from you?”

Bin laden replies:

“The first thing that we are calling you to is to Islam.”

This fits with their belief that anyone outside of Islam is of Satan and must immediately become Muslim. Those who refuse are reduced to slave status and must pay a ransom tax to be allowed to stay alive. The only option for further refusal is execution.

What much of the world does not understand is that this worldview drives a clash of cultures. Any talk of multiculturalism or social accommodation is intolerable to militant Islam. They don’t want to be accepted by Western society. They want to eliminate Western society.

One of their unifying teachings is revenge. That is coupled with a belief that Allah is the rightful owner of any geographical territory ever occupied by Islam.

Anyone else currently living on the land are “occupiers” and must be expelled by any means available. And since much of Europe and Africa was once conquered by Muslim hordes, they must be retaken. Vengeance requires it.

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The barbaric viciousness of Osama bin Laden's letter completely explains the current political and cultural chaos in the Middle East. Decades of diplomacy has been futile in modifying Islam’s ideology or behavior.

Instead, the standoff allowed radical Muslim countries time to build frightful military might. Given Islam’s total commitment to convert-or-die rules of engagement, this could lead to unthinkable consequences. The brutalities of 9/11 in America and October 7 in Israel are not comforting examples.

Modern secularism has basically no defense against this barbaric religion. Europe and America have spent the last 100 years assuming that open borders would automatically lead to cultural assimilation.

In the past this has worked with populations that shared similar moral guidelines. America in particular grew strong when it welcomed like-minded Europeans and Asians.

But godlessness in the Western World has now produced a weakened and confused people, a poor match for Islam’s merciless, religious fanaticism.

Israel's decision in Gaza is to eliminate the population polluted with this ideology or at least pull its fangs. Their level of success remains to be seen. Defeating Hamas is child's play compared to the potential of armed conflict between the West and the bulk of the Muslim world.

So, where is the Kingdom of God in this picture?

U.S immigration policies have brought hundreds of thousands of Muslims to our doorstep. There are over 2000 mosques in the US where many are being taught that Islamic law must replace all other governments and religions.

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Guns or diplomacy cannot stop Islam’s advance. Only biblical Christianity can diffuse its murderous zeal. But time is not on our side.

Chick Publications has several books designed to train soul winners to reach Muslims who are brainwashed with this brutal religion. We also have tracts that can be handed out to see who responds to the gospel.

As individuals, we can do little on the world stage, but we can work at winning our neighbors, one by one, some of whom are trapped in this diabolical lie.

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