Will 'Right to Die' Become 'Obligation to Die?'

"I just feel if we can do it for animals, we can do it for human beings." Robert Baxter, a 75-year-old retired truck driver in Montana is referring to his petition to the state supreme court to allow a doctor to kill him. A district judge has already agreed and the case is now before the state supreme court.

Assisted suicide is already legal in Washington state and Oregon. Both states allow a doctor, for conscience reasons, to remove himself from the case if the patient requests help in hastening death. The Montana case is different: it contains no such protection for the doctor`s conscience.

Baxter was helped in filing his case by the assisted suicide advocacy group, Compassion & Choices, formerly known as the Hemlock Society. Organizations representing Christian doctors are filing opposing opinions with the court.

Compassion and Choices helped pass a "back door" assisted suicide law in California recently, allowing nurses and other health professionals to withhold food, drink or medication, from terminally ill patients who requested their help in dying. 

Several other states are debating similar laws. Just before leaving office, former President Bush signed a directive protecting doctors from being forced to do abortions or assisted suicides. President Obama is considering removing that protection.

As America continues to make various sins legal, medical and business professionals will come under increasing pressure. Congressional leaders are currently pushing hard to expand "hate crime" laws making homosexuals a protected class. If passed, this will be another step toward muzzling Christians who dare preach God`s view of sin from the Bible.

Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and several European Union countries have "harmony laws" forbidding Christians to teach against sin and "proselytize" unbelievers. In fact, the U.S. is unique in the world in its freedom of speech, religion and conscience.

Attacks are mounting against these freedoms. When we kicked God out of the schools and enshrined evolution in His place, we declared that man is just another higher animal. So, why should we not terminate man`s life just like another  animal when he no longer cares to live?

In fact, many who oppose assisted suicide, point out that there is just a very small step from "right to die" to "obligation to die," —euthanasia. If a "human animal" is no longer useful to society or even a drag because of some disability or defect, then we should "put him down" just like any other barnyard animal.

The President has told the world that America is not a "Christian nation" and studies by George Barna confirm that only a small percentage of the population still hold a truly biblical world view.

This being the case, Bible believers have a lot to do, not to just turn the culture back to God, but to even protect what freedoms we still enjoy.

Most Christians in history have had very little say in how they were governed. In fact, the same is true in most of the world today. Our founders made sure we had a voice, in voting and freedom to call sinners to repentance. Today it`s "use them or lose them!"

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Jesus said we should work while it is daytime. Every "daytime" of freedom to witness in history has been followed by a nighttime of persecution. We cannot expect our "daytime" to be any different! We need to get busy.

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