Tract Passing Tips - January 2004

Picketers spend many boring hours while on strike. Stop by and give them some Chick tracts to read. Most will gladly receive them from you.
T.M., Claremont, CA

God gave us the idea of surprising our neighbors. We put The Empty Tomb in a baggie with Easter grass, wrapped Easter candy and eggs with Christian decorations. We tie them with a ribbon and leave these at our neighbor's doors.
At Christmas, we use The Greatest Story Ever Told in a similar manner with Christmas candy.
D.N., Lincoln, NE

If you are a pizza delivery person like me, be sure to include a Chick tract with every pizza order. The customers love them.
R.W., Tippecanoe, IN

My husband keeps a tape dispenser in his car and tapes a Chick tract on the gas pump when he gets gas. That way the next customer has something to read.
R.H., Chesapeake City, MD

At food pantries, where food is given to the poor, scotch tape a tract to the outside of food packages.
S.S., Covina, CA

After flying on a business trip, I got my baggage and boarded a shuttle bus to go to the car-rental company. On the shuttle was a very dejected looking young Hispanic man. I asked him if he preferred to read English or Spanish. I gave him a tract in the language he asked for. He read it, shoulders down and a bleak look on his face.
Five minutes later, as the shuttle pulled up, the young man put his hands together and bowed his head in prayer. Then he straightened, his shoulders high and his face glowing with joy, he held up the tract and looked me in the eyes smiling broadly and said, "Thank you for giving me this tract!"
C.W., Internet

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