Tract Ministry in Canada Sets New Standard for Innovation

One of the most innovative tract ministries that Chick Publications has heard about is The Fishermen's Club headed up by Jim Neale in Toronto, Canada. Neale has developed some highly creative ways to use Chick tracts.

One strategy that Neale uses is aimed at the non-English speaking population in Toronto. In a Business and Market Guidebook, he found a listing of the different ethnic origins represented in the area.

He then obtained, from Chick Publications, tracts in those foreign languages and assembled them in alphabetical order in a couple of boxes in the trunk of his car. Now when he is out shopping or doing witnessing on the street, he can quickly hand a tract to anyone in their native language. This almost guarantees that it will get read.

Another approach to reaching those who speak a foreign language is to mail tracts to the consulate generals of all the foreign embassies in Toronto. Restaurants that are listed in the yellow pages as specializing in French, German, Italian, Japanese, etc. all get an envelope of tracts in their language.

The phone directory also provides a long list of churches that have services in various languages. Neale makes sure that they receive an assortment of tracts in their language.

Another strategy is to find businesses whose names include one of the words in the title of a tract. The white pages in the phone book is a good place to look. Names like "Cleo's Cleaners," "Big Daddy's Sports and Grill," "Great Escape Limousine Service," "Choice Car Rental," "Superstar Pizza," get a mailing of tracts.

A variation of this approach includes connecting the title of the tract to the type of business. Neale says he has sent out Back From The Dead and Empty Tomb to over 300 funeral directors. Titanic, Flight 144 and The Long Trip go to travel agencies and The Accident to carpet cleaners and installers.

Charlie's Ants go to pest control and insecticide companies; Bad Bob to Motorcycle clubs and shops; The Contract to real estate offices, lawyers, contractors, mortgage and insurance companies; Happy Hour to taverns, hotels, liquor stores, wine shops, etc.

"There is no end to the ideas for using Chick tracts in a practical and effective way," says Neale.

If you would like to contact Neale at The Fishermen's Club for more details, the mailing address is Box 172 Station "A" Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5W 1B2.

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