Sodomite War Stories

The governor of Illinois signed a "civil union" law into effect on January 31, 2011. It took only a month for Bible believers Jim and Beth Walder to feel its effect. The Walders own a bed and breakfast hotel in Paxton, Illinois.

When two men were refused reservations for a civil union ceremony, they filed a complaint with the state authorities claiming that the Walders were violating the new law. Even if the Walders win in court, the distraction and litigation costs may destroy their small, family business. The family has also been deluged with obscene phone calls and emails. And their prospects are not good. A similar case in England ended with the owners of a B&B there fined several thousand dollars. The judge determined that discrimination against "sexual orientation" was worse than "discrimination" against the Christian owners for their religious beliefs. They, too, have endured hundreds of harassing phone calls and obscene emails.

Since government and cultural leaders in the US see Europe as the model society, we are likely to suffer the same persecution if we do not quickly stand against the moral erosion in America.

In England again, a judge has ruled that Christian foster parents are no longer qualified to raise foster children unless they agree to teach them that homosexuality is an acceptable life style.

Other developments in the sodomite war against God include a university professor who is charged for felony incest with his 24-year-old daughter. He claims it was a consenting relationship and legal under a finding of the U.S. Supreme Court stating that the government has no interest in what consenting adults do in private.

In a Canadian parliament hearing on sexual offences against children, one psychology expert testified that pedophilia appeared to be an "orientation" like homosexuality. With this logic, age-of-consent laws would need to be eliminated so that pedophiles could also act out their sexual desires. In fact, some countries have actually lowered the age of consent to as far as 14.

Many Bible-believing military chaplains expect to be forced out when the U.S. president`s decision to open the military to practicing homosexuals is implemented.

Also in Canada, polygamists are demanding that their style of marriage be legally recognized if same-sex unions are to be accepted. There is also a move to make prostitution legal since it is usually done by two "consenting" adults in private. And so goes the logic. Even though homosexuals are only about three percent of the population, they have succeeded in grasping government and media levers of power and pose a serious threat to Bible believers. They have gone a long way in tamping down any opposition and are determined to make everyone approve of their sin.

A recent Chick tract, Uninvited, shows God`s view of homosexuality and how demons infest those who choose to practice this abomination. It also shows how molested children often grow up confused about their sexuality. Another tract, Sin City, relates the biblical story of God`s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah for their perversion.

Hot Topics is a 128-page paperback also published by Chick Publications. It contains two chapters dealing with homosexual seduction and child molestation. Unless Bible believers wake up and begin countering this juggernaut with biblical truth, our precious religious freedom is doomed. Sodomites will accept nothing short of our silence.

Most people know that something is wrong here, but do not understand what. If we saturate our communities with no-nonsense Bible tracts with God`s viewpoint, some may be encouraged to stand against it. Hot Topics can also be used to educate those who are confused about it.

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