Seven Simple Steps for Witnessing to Cultists

1. Control the Encounter
  • Ask if you can pray and YOU LEAD.
  • Pray for the Blood of Jesus Christ to cover your conversation. Entrust everything to Him, including that all of you find out and choose the truth.
  • Ask only a question that you know the truth about 1) from the Scriptures and 2) in your heart.
2. Stick to the Subject
  • Do not jump to another subject. Stay on WHO GOD IS, WHO JESUS IS, whether there are MANY GODS OR ONE, whatever you are most comfortable with.
  • Be as polite as you can be. If you feel yourself getting angry, stop and thank them for their time. Then go somewhere, pray to God and calm down. (Don't worry. Even the best witnesses sometimes get upset.)
  • If they are not polite, stop the conversation, thank them and move on.
3. Emphasize Jesus Christ
  • Ask questions about Jesus, especially where you have carefully read what the Scriptures say about Him.
  • When you are with Mormon missionaries especially: Give your testimony (short version) to them about how the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son has changed your life, and how you KNOW that you are going to heaven.
4. Always Use Your King James Bible to Witness or to Ask Questions
  • Never let them start going to Scripture before you. Open your Bible as quickly as you can after the opening prayer. Have questions prepared in advance.
  • Ask only questions that you know are answered in the Bible.
  • Remember: The King James is God's preserved words in English. Be confident.
5. Never Give Up
  • A good Christian witness brings the non-Christian that much closer to finding the truth for him- or herself.
6. Close in Prayer, if Possible
  • Then when you are alone, pray to God about your encounter. Trust Him to help you through the whole process. Let Him help you reflect on what you said and did.
7. Remember: They are going to hell already
  • The worst that can happen is they are still going there. But the best is they might get saved!

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