Rome's New Velvet Glove Make-Over

Now that Roman Catholicism is generally accepted by Evangelicals as just another "denomination," the sainthooding spectacle that virtually shut down the city of Rome on Sunday, April 27, needs careful examination.

The last hundred years have seen insidious changes in Romanism. Since Constantine (312 AD), its effort to dominate the "kings of the earth" (Rev. 17:2) has been constant. However, methods varied: Military conquest was once huge. Cornering eternal salvation was a central ploy. And control of the politically powerful through confession and education, worked wonders.

But, the 20th century saw a major shift in strategy. Complicity in two world wars failed to bring political power. So the sword was traded for a velvet glove. For 600 years, the Reformation had been Rome`s arch-enemy. All attempts by sword, burning at the stake, and torture had failed. Another approach was desperately needed.

Keen to the opportunity of the developing mass media, Vatican strategists decided on a public remake of their harsh historical image. Something big and very public had to be staged.

Pivotal points in history were marked by 21 Councils. Most notable was the Council of Trent that thundered anathemas upon the Reformers and their Bibles. Others declared Mary as the "mother of God," infallibility of the pope, etc.

So, a new Ecumenical Council, popularly known as Vatican II, was planned. Convened by Pope John XXIII in 1962, it spanned the tenure of two popes and has been further implemented by each one since. Due to clever PR, it became a watershed event.

Former Councils had pushed ecumenism by force. This one was by smiles and lots of hugs. The word went out that Roman Catholics were truly "Christian." They were just another "denomination" with a slightly different worship "tradition." Unfortunately, their unbiblical "tradition" is exactly what the Reformers objected to: The tradition of bowing to idols (statues), primarily of their Virgin Mary goddess who basically replaced Jesus as mediator; the tradition of worship of their wafer god (Eucharist); the tradition of praying to "saints" for miracles; the tradition of paying for your own sins in purgatory; the tradition of no salvation outside subjection to the Pope and the "church." And on it goes.

Once this unbiblical cult was redefined as just another "denomination," the "Protestants" swallowed the bait. And that bait is labeled, "inter-denominational," or "inter-confessional." Under the banner of Jesus` prayer in John 17:21, "that they all may be one...," RC priests cozied up to televangelists and were given a spot on "Christian" broadcasting networks. Congregations began to share pulpits. Local councils of churches welcomed neighborhood priests.*

And what was the result for the kingdom of God? No more witnessing to Roman Catholics. At the beginning of the 20th century, Rome was correctly labeled a "cult," with a false gospel. Bible believers knew Catholics were lost because they were trusting on the pagan rituals of their "church," instead of Christ`s finished work on the cross for salvation.

In addition to the drive for "unity," Rome decided to "fix" the Bible. For generations, the hated Bible for the common man, the King James Version, had spread the truth about popish paganism throughout the West.

In danger were Catholic strongholds in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Pacific Islands, trapped in Rome`s false gospel. They knew that any bibles translated from the KJV-based manuscripts would stoke revival fires and expose Rome`s false gospel. It`s another story how they have succeeded in side-lining the preserved Bible, replacing it with bibles that water down scriptures that counter Catholic teachings.

David W. Daniels` book, Why They Changed the Bible, details the Jesuit guidance of one pivotal man that created doubt in God`s ability to preserve His Words. Now, over a billion people are trusting the pope`s false gospel which leads to hell —and "evangelicals" no longer witness to them, believing they are already saved.  Soul winners, we need to tell them to obey Rev. 18:4 and "come out..."

*See BATTLE CRY, March/April 2014: "One World Bible For One World Religion" .

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