Pressure on Israel Rising over Jerusalem

Pressure is rising on Israel to give up part of Jerusalem. Possession of Jerusalem has always been at the heart of the whole Middle East conflict. The Old Testament prophet, Zechariah, prophesied that the time would come when "...all the earth would be gathered against it." (See chapters 12 and 14.)

Some world leaders have even proposed that Israel just give up on trying to live in Palestine and go live somewhere else on planet earth.

For centuries, the Vatican has taught that God is done with Israel because they rejected their Messiah and now the "Christian" church is the "people of God." Others have picked up on this, even claiming that God has a separate plan of salvation for the Jews, and that we don't need to even witness to them.

However, it is obvious that God is not finished with the Jews. Too many Bible prophecies have been fulfilled over the centuries, including their continued existence and their return to the land that He had promised to them forever. One of these is the promise by God to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse them.  

There is a distinct pattern over the centuries of devastation and decline of nations who have offended God by mistreating the Jews. The worldwide British Empire is a hollow shell of its former glory. Germany and much of the rest of Europe suffered a generation of horror by following Hitler in trying to wipe out the Jews.

Thus, the recent treatment of Israel by the present U.S. administration does not bode well for America.

Israel is increasingly isolated from the rest of the world, which is weary of the disruption caused by this little shrimp of a state. Europe enjoys Israel as a trading partner, but is not willing to rise to her defense. The Muslim world wants Israel wiped off the map so they can freely worship their moon god on the temple mount. The rest of Asia, Africa and Latin America are preoccupied with their own problems with militant Islam or trying to feed their exploding populations.

So far, the only real friend of Israel has been the U.S. But that is changing under a less sympathetic U.S. administration. Much effort at "shuttle diplomacy" has been expended recently to "restart the peace plan" between Israel and the "Palestinians."

The Palestinian leaders have stated repeatedly that the only way to peace is for Israel to give up, get out and vacate Jerusalem. The present Israeli leadership has also stood by their statement that Jerusalem is "not negotiable."

Frustrated negotiators see this impasse, but insist that peace plan talks resume with the goal of a "two-state" solution. Since this "solution" is apparently not on God's agenda, this puts opponents of Israel in jeopardy with the Almighty, Himself.

Does the U.S. believe that we are any different than other nations who have "cursed" Israel?
As the tract Somebody Angry? points out, we need to look and see if recent "natural disasters" might just be a symptom of God's displeasure. Almost simultaneous with our increased pressure on Israel, we have had record blizzards and floods.

Agriculture scientists are predicting a massive grasshopper plague covering some 48 million acres in the Wyoming-South Dakota area this summer. Maybe we need to refer to the plagues on the Pharaoh in Egypt to see what might be coming next. Like Goliath learned, we should be very careful in our dealings with David's God.

And soul winners, we need to make sure everyone gets this message by giving away as many Somebody Angry? as we can.

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