Christians in Israel Face Firebombs and Prison for Soulwinning

Christians in Israel, known as Messianic believers, are finding their presence and message just about as welcome today as it was when Jesus first delivered it and was crucified for His efforts.

Ishmael versus Hamas—The Larger Picture

The conflict in the Middle East today has deep roots in Bible history. When Abraham made the decision to follow Sarah’s suggestion and help God out with their problem of childlessness, the consequences are still reverberating today.

Jerusalem, God's Barometer, is Reading 'Storm'

Many who believe that Jerusalem is the barometer of biblical prophecy are watching with increased fascination.

Old Testament Prophecies Key for Witnessing to Jews

One of the major burdens of Bible believers has always been how to reach God's chosen people, the Jews.

Pressure on Israel Rising over Jerusalem

Here is why world leaders are trying to get Israel to give up Jerusalem.

Struggle for Jerusalem Larger Than Jew vs. Arab

Two struggles are tearing at the hope of those who dream of world peace and the brotherhood of mankind.

The Promise to the Jewish People

God has promised to judge those who turn against Israel and bless those who support her.

Who Owns Jerusalem?

Right now, the focus of the world is on Iraq, but it is only part of a much larger problem that some call the clash of cultures.

Who Really Owns Jerusalem?

One of the objectives of the presidency of George W. Bush is to have an agreement for a Palestinian State in place by the end of his term.