Pope Forced To Backpedal in Chile

Earlier this year Pope Francis paid a visit to Chile and left a lot of outraged people. Victims of a long-standing and wide-spread sex abuse scandal by Chilean priests were waiting for him, hoping to be heard. They claimed that the local hierarchy had ignored their pleas.

At the time, the pope was no better help. The victims felt brushed off and Francis even accused them of slander when they claimed that a local bishop was ignoring them. This caused such an uproar that it threatened the Vatican's hold on this heavily Roman Catholic country.

When he commissioned an investigation, he got back a 2,300-page report. He then invited three of the most vocal victims to the Vatican for a week of testimony. In a subsequent meeting with the Chilean bishops, all 34 submitted their resignations and asked forgiveness for ignoring the pleas of the victims over the years. The story is continuing in Chile and elsewhere.

A statement by one of the victims hosted at the Vatican was revealing. Juan Carlos Cruz described an emotional personal apology by the pope. Cruz said that he also told the pope about his homosexuality and reported that the pope told him that he was "as God wants him to be," and "you have to be happy with who you are." These scandals are central to Roman Catholicism's power system that ignores the Bible. The priest/nun celibacy requirement keeps them tied emotionally and economically to the "church." When they get old, they have no family to turn to for support. Yet eliminating marriage also creates a powder keg of emotions that Satan can use in many perverse ways.

Catholicism has been dogged by these perversities for a long time. When homosexuality came to the general attention a few decades ago, some insiders claimed that there was a significant sodomite culture among the priesthood.

Although most charges of sexual abuse by priests are labeled pedophilia, nearly all the victims turn out to be pre-pubescent males, the universally preferred homosexual partner. For the aforementioned victim to admit to being homosexual is not surprising. The majority of male homosexuals experienced abuse by an older male when young. Other evidence of the unhealthy results of Catholicism's celibacy rule is the persistent stories of misbehavior between priests and the nuns in cloistered convents. Ex-Jesuit Alberto describes his own findings in the Crusader Comic, The Force, page 30. Charles Chiniquy also witnessed similar problems when he served his "50 Years in the Church of Rome" described in his book by that name.

As the Lord exposes the unbiblical power structure of this counterfeit "church," we must be informed enough to guide the precious Roman Catholic person to Christ alone for salvation. The idolatry of Virgin Mary goddesses and wafer worship have no place in Christ's bride.

Beside the above-mentioned books, several tracts are available from Chick Publications exposing this prostitute "church" described in Revelation 17 and 18. A disgrace greater than the sex abuse scandal is the acceptance of Roman Catholicism as "just another denomination." The popes' propaganda machine has effectively insulated the precious Roman Catholic people against anyone telling them the truth.

It is shameful how professing Bible believers are ignoring the Great Commission. But hundreds of millions of the pope's followers are destined for a great surprise when purgatory turns out to be hell itself with no exit. God will surely hold us accountable on Judgement Day for not telling them the truth.

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