Message From Jack Chick November/December 2011

Dear ones in Christ,

My spirit is concerned about the black children of Africa who have lost their parents to AIDS. My dear friends, Bill Eubanks and his wife Janet, have been reaching thousands in Zimbabwe with our black character tracts made by Fred Carter. He is a black pastor who created about 95 percent of the art used in our film, Light of the World. Fred is so humble as a pastor that some of his congregation tell me he's more like Jesus than anyone they know. We are in the process of converting 15 of our tracts to black art characters. Several are already done. Your Big Moment, is a This Was Your Life redrawn for black ladies and is now available. Fred is working on the others.

Here is a tip on passing out black art tracts. Tell people that a black brother made them. That seems to help get them accepted. His art is beautiful. In Africa, these tracts are like $20 bills. When someone begins to pass out the tracts on the streets, they are quickly swamped with reaching hands.

Pray for Bill and Janet. In Zimbabwe, they pass out tracts while speaking in schools and prisons. They show the Light of the World video every night in villages. Hundreds commit their lives to Christ and are guided to local churches. This year, they were not allowed into the country because of elections. Next year, they plan two trips. 200,000 tracts were sent in this year and are waiting.

Another dear friend, Tim Berends, passes out 300 tracts a day. He went into a very tough neighborhood in St. Louis wearing his "I-Love-Muslims" T-shirt. Many there were Black Muslims. Every single person took a tract. When we are out witnessing, we should always carry Spanish language and black character tracts. Our job is to reach every precious soul. Yours for the lost,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

P.S. We maintain a Mission's Fund to supply tracts to missionaries as money is available. If you wish to help extend the reach of these front-line soldiers, you may designate your gift to the Chick Mission's Fund. Although we cannot provide a tax-deductible receipt, 100 percent of all donations go to supply tracts to missionaries.

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