Message From Jack Chick May/June 2014

Dear ones in Christ,

Four teenage girls from my neighborhood rang our doorbell late one afternoon on Halloween. I gave each of them a copy of Happy Hour to see their reaction. They all read their copy on my front porch, and each of the four girls said almost in unison, "That`s my dad!"

I was stunned. How many alcoholics could there be? Since then, when I go to the supermarket, I often see little old ladies pushing their grocery carts with bottles of gin and not much else. Can it be that booze is destroying more souls than we ever dreamed? How come we never hear about it in our pulpits? Maybe it`s politically incorrect.

Did you ever hear about Billy Sunday? At the turn of the 20th century he was one of our greatest evangelists, a man on fire for the Lord. He didn`t care if he was politically incorrect. He hit liquor with both feet. Besides winning a million souls to Christ, he was one of the reasons prohibition came to drunken America. It was a revival.

After reading Billy Sunday`s sermons on liquor, the Lord gave us a new tract called Just One More. If you know friends, neighbors, or relatives who occasionally enjoy a sip of the devil`s brew, give them a copy of Happy Hour, The Bully, or Just One More. Remember, beloved, there`ll be no drunkards in heaven! Let`s reach them for Christ before sclerosis of the liver takes them down into the pit. Be brave!

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick