Is Roman Catholic ‘Evangelism’ Biblical?

A February 19, 2023 article in National Review lamented the 18 percent loss of members in America’s Roman Church. The writer, Bishop Andrew Cozzens, proposes a solution: the Eucharistic procession.

This involves placing a ceremonial wheat wafer in a sunburst-shaped display, called a Monstrance, that is carried high as the centerpiece of a public parade.

The article claims that there have been hundreds of these processions in the last year in America. It also states that the purpose was “to renew faith in Jesus Christ with a particular focus on... the Eucharist.” So, what makes this wheat wafer special?

Pope Francis carries the wafer god called the Eucharist.

This wafer is made special by a consecration ceremony based on a literal interpretation of John 6:48-58 where Jesus makes a graphic analogy between His flesh and His teaching. Only certain members of the clergy are ordained to perform this ceremony which reportedly turns the wheat in the wafer into the actual “body, blood, and divinity” of Jesus Christ.

Since the wafer is now divine, worshipping it in this processional will “renew faith in Jesus Christ.” This doctrine of the “real presence” constitutes the “good news” presented in this form of “street witnessing.”

But, how “good” is this “good news?”

Is it good enough for over a billion people who trust it as their hope of eternal life? And was it good enough for millions more that have trusted it in the last one thousand years?

The answer to this question has had a huge effect on the history of the Western World. When Martin Luther and the other Reformers consulted the Bible, they answered, “NO!”

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Martin Luther's 95 Theses

Excerpt from, "Did The Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?

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This made them “Protestants” for their “protest” against this very teaching. And millions ended up paying the ultimate price for that “No.”

In 1555, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were lashed to a stake and firewood stacked around their feet in the courtyard of Oxford University in England. The inquisitor gave them one last chance to agree that the priest could turn the wheat wafer into Jesus Christ. When they refused, the wood was ignited and they were torched to death.

Perhaps the good news here is that they both were immediately received into heaven by the real Jesus of the Bible. But there must have been terribly bad news for those who sent them there early.

This is just another example of why Roman Catholicism is the unbiblical counterfeit church populated by centuries of popes who claim to be Christ’s vice president (vicar).

This teaching of the Eucharist, that the wafer becomes Jesus, is so central to the Vatican’s hierarchical house of cards that they cannot abandon it for the real gospel preached by Paul and the other apostles. It is central to the sacrifice of the Mass which claims that Christ’s sacrifice on calvary was inadequate and needs to be constantly replayed to cover new sins.

The article goes on to claim that viewing the wafer in the procession will lead to questions that will lead to faith. But they have redefined “faith” to mean trust in the rituals of the “church” more than direct trust in Jesus alone for salvation.

The Reformers declared their freedom by “faith alone, in Christ alone” from the bondage of this antichrist organization. Martin Luther propelled the reformation with his discovery that the Bible taught that he could have salvation by faith alone without the rituals and the hierarchy of popery.

The boldness of Catholicism’s claim that their “good news” is the same one offered in scripture shows how far evangelicals (and the rest of the Western World) have come in swallowing the pope’s sweet poison.

Soul winners must not accept that Roman Catholics are just “separated brethren” safe in the arms of Jesus. They are, indeed, part of the field that is white unto harvest. Chick Publications has several tracts and books and comics to help you reach these people before it is too late.

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