Fledgling Church Uses Literature to Spark Growth

Some missionaries go to mission fields in remote areas; others are called to the cities, like Montreal, Canada. Ghislain Bolduc is hard at work starting a church there. It has a population of 3.5 million, and the language is mostly French. Less than a million speak English.

Bolduc's approach is to salt the community with gospel literature. Every day he is on the streets or knocking on doors, putting the gospel into any hand that will accept it.

One pair of hardened street kids comes looking for a new Chick tract every time he is out.

Or he will buy a few small hamburgers, bag them with a tract and give them to homeless persons. One man who appeared to be well dressed, asked for a bag. Bolduc questioned him and found that he was on probation from prison and had dressed the best he could to try to convince an employer to give him a job.

Bolduc spoke with him about his need for a Saviour and led him to the Lord right on the street with hundreds of people passing by. He agreed to meet further for Bible study.

One lady was sitting on a store window sill looking very sad. Bolduc gave her a tract and started to walk on. But her dejected look caused him to ask if he could be of help.

She said her marriage was in trouble. He told her that the first step in dealing with her problems was to make peace with the Lord, herself. She agreed to read the literature and get in touch with him.

The literature ministry has played a major part in building the solid core of people in his fledgling church. Bolduc is careful to follow up each one who seems sincere. He invites them to church, but is quick to make appointments to go to them and hold Bible studies. Those who get saved are immediately offered a simple ministry handing out literature on the street.

The phone number and address of the church on the tracts brings many calls from interested readers. One phone call may be from someone who found a tract on the Metro and wants to come by the church and get some more. Others call and want him to visit them and tell them more about the gospel.

He says his budget is growing, and most of the income goes back into the ministry, but there is never enough literature to go around. However, he is committed to spreading 500 to 800 tracts in the community on a normal day as the Lord provides.

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