Eavesdropping Can Bring Witnessing Opportunities

One day, while landscaping at a local car wash business, I overheard three men talking about their heart bypasses. I stopped and went up to them. As I approached, one of them who casually knew me said, "The way Old Dann works, he probably has a real strong heart."

"Not necessarily," I said. "But I did get a complete new heart about 22 years ago. It didn't involve surgery but it changed my life forever."

Two of the men walked off to go complain to the man who owned the car wash that I was bothering customers by talking about religion to them. The other man stayed to find out what I meant. I explained that Jesus had changed my heart and my life of drinking and hell raising. I gave him some tracts (which I always carry in my shirt pocket) and later I learned that he had his heart changed by Jesus, too.

After awhile the owner of the car wash came by and said, "Is that all you ever talk about is Jesus?"

"Well, sir," I replied. "Sometimes I talk about the weather. But come to think of it, Jesus created the weather, too, didn't He."

If you have your Chick tracts handy and listen to worldly conversations, you will be sure to have an opening to present a tract or sometimes even a gospel witness.

Chaplain Dann

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