Congressman Says 'Send the Jihadists Home!'

Many examples are emerging, demonstrating the vast difference between Western civilization and Islam. Two meat packing plants, in Colorado and Nebraska, fired dozens of Muslim workers because they insisted on leaving their work stations to do their 5-times-a-day prayers.

This shifted the work load to others or required shutdown of the assembly line. The companies tried to adjust break times for the Muslims but operations were too disrupted and other workers complained that it was not fair.

Universities Install Foot Baths
Another struggle is shaping up in schools. At least 17 universities have foot baths installed or under construction. Islam requires foot washing prior to the prayers.

Nine universities have prayer rooms for "Muslim students only." An elementary school in San Diego, California has approved an extra recess period so its nearly 100 Muslim pupils can pray on schedule. Other schools hold Muslim emphasis sessions, where students dress like Muslims and observe Islamic religious rituals.

The Muslim Student`s Association (MSA) is pushing for these accommodations, at taxpayer's expense, of course. The MSA was started in 1963 and appears to have hundreds of chapters on university campuses. The name typed into Google got 480,000 hits.

Many concerned leaders believe that the Muslim goal is to replace Western government and judicial systems with Islamic`s Qur'an-based Sharia law. Some European nations have already incorporated the Sharia courts into their legal systems.

Britain Quietly Makes Sharia Law Binding
Britain has quietly elevated five Sharia courts to a level where their findings are legally binding. Canada has also moved to integrate Sharia into its legal system.

Concern is rising in Washington as congressional leaders watch the advance of Islam. Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado introduced a bill severely limiting the encroachment of Islam into the U.S. legal system. Called the Jihad Prevention Act, it would "prevent advocates of Islamic law, or Sharia, from entering the country, revoke the visa of any foreigners that champion it and revoke naturalization for citizens that seek to implement it in the U.S."

Tancredo sees Islamic law as "fundamentally hostile to the foundations of Western democracy...The best way to safeguard America against... this poisonous ideology is to prevent its purveyors from coming here in the first place," Tancredo said.

Muslims No Longer Fear Christian Churches
The reason for this hard-line approach is because U.S. churches have failed to reach out to the Muslims who have come here. Fifty years ago, Islam`s leaders feared to allow their people to immigrate here.

They knew that the Gospel was so much more powerful than Islam that they would lose them. Now, in the name of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism, we have lost the initiative and their push is on. With millions already here, it is not likely that Tancredo`s law would be enforceable if it were voted in.

The only solution is a revival in the churches and a renewed effort at winning Muslims to Christ. Chick Publications has several books and tracts on Islam to equip soul winners. Paperback books Christ, Muhammad and I, Who is this Allah? and Anatomy of The Qur`an give soul winners detailed insight into the soul of the Muslim.

Tracts that are useful in giving  Muslims  the Gospel include Allah Had No Son, Men of Peace? and Is Allah Like You?

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