Tract Passing Tips - November 2004

I have been using your Gospel tracts exclusively since 1971. I don't see any other reason to use any other. Your tracts get read when other types get left laying on tables, in chairs, in bus seats, etc. The other types are long boring paragraphs. They might be good reading for someone who already knows our Lord as personal Lord and Savior, but, for the sinner, he is not interested enough to read all that stuff. Your literature is attention getting! It is fun to lay yours in a waiting room, and watch it get passed around, being read by several before being pocketed by another. Wow!!!
T. G., E-Mail

I use Chick tracts because I LOVE them and I think people will read them more than tracts with only words. Anyway, I had recently ordered This Was Your Life in simple Chinese because my husband and I eat at Chinese restaurants a lot and most of the employees only speak and read Chinese. Well, we were at a Chinese restaurant last Sunday (one we've been going to for a few weeks) and the waitress has learned to recognize us and I had some of my Chinese tracts with me and I left one with a generous tip inside. Well, we went there again today to eat lunch and she came over to our table and in broken English told us she read the little book and got saved!! We were so excited!
M.B., E-Mail

I am so glad that you are developing a children's line of tracts. I work with kids and have often wished that you had more kid friendly tracts. Kids are so receptive to the gospel and they love the Chick tracts. They also need to be instructed in what to do after they are saved. I tutor in my home and I leave Chick tracts up in the bathroom. The kids find them and read them or bring them down and ask to take them home.
Amy, E-Mail

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