Tract Passing Tips - July 2005

I am an English teacher in South Korea, a place where people love to emulate Americans. Everywhere I go young people come up to me and say, "Hello!" This creates a chance to enter into light conversation and pass along a Chick tract printed in Han-gul, the Korean alphabet and language. People are generally quite happy to receive the tract and keep it for future reading.
R.L., South Korea

When you take a newspaper from the corner vending machine, leave a few tracts in there. Same with those free home buying guides - leave a few tracts on the top of the stack. Someone who's considering buying an earthly home may very well end up in a heavenly home!
A.S., Ohio

After a good baseball game, I stand outside the stadium, and ask how they liked the game, while passing out The Slugger.

My wife and I always leave Chick tracts in hotel rooms and restaurants when traveling. Recently we were invited as chaperones to a large California youth conference. Your comic assortment helped keep the peace during the 8 hour van drive. During the conference, pastors would ask what church we were from and I would answer with a custom printed Chick tract. Many youth pastors were introduced to your tracts for the first time.
K.P., Victorville, Calif.

If you have found a way or many ways to give a tract to someone, that is comfortable to you, share it with us. We would like to pass on your ideas to other soulwinners. Send your ideas to us at:

       Wanted: Your Tract Passing Tips
       c/o Chick Publications
       P. O. Box 3500
       Ontario, CA. 91761-1019

We will publish as many as we can in future issues of Battle Cry.

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