I Learned What To Do About Halloween

As a Christian, for years I had struggled with a question, "What do I do about Halloween?" I decided not to hide in a darkened home on Halloween night. Instead, I welcomed both the trick-or-treaters and the opportunity to spread the gospel. The kids received candy, "Jesus Loves Me" bracelets, bookmarks and pencils imprinted with Bible verses and, of course, Chick Tracts. One Way for the littlest ones, Boo, Devil's Night or the Slugger for the older ones and The Mad Machine for their parents. They are always curious about these little comic books. Best of all, the tracts and other inspirational items will still be around long after the candy is gone! Chick Publications has been the biggest influence in moving me beyond my comfort zone. I keep a fully stocked display rack in my dental office and put a tract in every bill I pay. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
D.P., MD

On Halloween we put candy with a Chick tract into kids' bags. One boy who received a tract recently told my son he had gotten saved, and that his dad is taking him to church.
New Jersey