Chick Mail Bag

10 year-old saved reading Best Friend
My ten year old cousin was saved after reading Best Friend. Thanks for making this possible through Chick tracts.
L.Y., Internet

Using Chick tracts for 24 years
Just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed reading and using Chick tracts, since I was saved back in 1973.
D.O., Internet

'Your tract played a part in my life'
My mom gave me This Was Your Life when I was 16. Then she told me I was responsible now that I had heard the gospel. I was mad and scared of Hell. I never forgot the tract. Thirteen years later I finally came to Christ. I know your tract played a part in my life.
W.M., Internet

Chick tracts make sense to Catholic
A friend of mine just gave me your web page address and I have been pouring over it whenever I get the chance. I am a former Catholic who received Christ as my Savior 22 years ago. Since then I have been witnessing to all my Catholic friends and relatives. Some have become believers and left the church.

I have been witnessing to the same friend who gave me the web address for 22 years. She recently found one of your tracts, and was really convicted about being in the Catholic Church. She said your tracts have made more sense to her than anything she has ever read. I am blessed beyond words to see my friend from childhood so convicted about finally leaving the Catholic Church!
D. M., Internet

Witnessing made easy with Chick tracts
I use your tracts and I must tell you how easy it makes it to witness to others.
C.H., Internet

'Very influential when I was young'
This Was Your Life was very influential on me when I was young and accepted Christ.
J.V., South Carolina

Chick tract instrumental in salvation
Keep up the good work for the Lord, I was given one of your tracts as a young boy and the message was instrumental in my salvation. I'm now 36 years old and very active in my local church. God still works and people still listen.
T.B., Internet

'Without tracts I feel unarmed'
I have been blessed, since saved, 11 years ago, to continuously pass out Chick tracts. Whenever I am somewhere without one, I feel unarmed for the Lord. I have been blessed to lead souls to God's Throne, the Christian's ultimate joy.
J.S., Internet

'Someone I never knew gave me a tract'
I give thanks to the Lord that he saved me a few years ago. My turn around began when someone I never knew gave me a copy of That Old Devil. That old Devil must have been laughing at me over the years as I partook in the Cult of Mary and Buddhism, chanting and worshiping a scroll.
F.B., Internet