Chick Mail Bag March 2002

I hate flying but at times I have to. On one trip after deplaning and getting my baggage, I boarded a shuttle bus. On the shuttle was a young, very dejected-looking Hispanic man. I asked him if he preferred to read English or Spanish. I gave him the tract he asked for and watched him read it, shoulders and head down and a bleak look on his face.

Five minutes later, as the shuttle pulled up in front of the car rental place, the young man put his hands together and bowed his head in prayer. He then straightened his shoulders high and his face glowing with joy, and held up the tract. Looking directly into my eyes and smiling broadly, said "THANK YOU for giving me this tract!" When the shuttle stopped, he leapt off his seat, jumped off the bus, and strode down the street head high and step lively. I guess he was off to tell his friends about his new found faith!
C.W., Virginia

I was an 82nd Airborne paratrooper; was dealing and doing drugs, and my life style was horrific, and self-destructive. A Christian in my unit, Gus, began to witness to me about Christ. He committed his Wednesdays (normally church days) to studying the Bible with me at the local Pizza Hut. After some months of doing this, it became apparent that I was using him, and steering the conversations away from Christ... He ended our rendezvous, and as a last effort, left a tract (This Was Your Life!) under my door. I read the tract, became convicted of my sin, and asked Christ to forgive me. I became a born-again Christian. The next day Gus shipped out, and I didn't have the chance to tell him what his testimony did.
R.C., Kansas

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