Are You A Hater?

One of the growing tools in Satan’s kit is labeling anybody who stands for righteousness or religious freedom as a “hater.” Years ago, when Chick Publications first began to point out the pope’s unbiblical doctrines, Roman priests visited many local Bible bookstores. If they found Chick tracts and comics, they would demand that the owners immediately remove the “divisive hate literature.”

Chick countered that it was not “hateful” to warn precious Roman Catholics that a wafer god and the Virgin Mary goddess could not guarantee eternity in heaven.

Today, Chick is not alone. The Devil has kicked up a storm of false accusations that threatens many efforts to stand for Truth. One organization originally established to counter racial discrimination has morphed into a self styled authority on “hate groups.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) maintains an interactive US “hate map” showing the location and details about hundreds of organizations it considers purveyors of “hate.” Listed are obvious groups such as skinheads and anti-Semitics. But to show how far the SPLC has become a tool of the enemy, Chick Publications also has its own dot on the map at Ontario, California. It is listed in a category of “general hate.” Fortunately, their extremism has landed the SPLC in court over their inclusion of other widely known, highly respected organizations.

Unfortunately, when a deranged man stormed into the offices of Family Research Council with a gun, only to be stopped by a security guard, his motivation was traced back to FRC‘s listing on SPLC’s map.

For over 200 years, the freedom of speech and freedom of religion guaranteed by the US constitution was respected. Today, that security is being eroded by godless leaders of organizations such as the SPLC and in public and government schools.

Facebook is currently being pressured to censor some posts. They are struggling to determine whose criteria to use. In a world with no moral standards it becomes a shouting match. As more and more sins become legal and accepted, God’s Word will be painted as “hate literature.”

Many now believe that those freedoms are doomed. But that doesn’t cancel the Great Commission. Jesus came into a world far more hostile than we live in. Yet he never hesitated offering eternal life to anyone who would listen —and some who wouldn’t. Should we do any less?

If we give just three tracts out a day, in a year over 1000 people will have been exposed to the good news. Some will scream, “hate literature,” but they will be without excuse on judgement day if they ignore it.

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