Ancient Fortress More Evidence of Bible History

While constructing new housing in the Golan Heights in northern Israel, workers unearthed what appears to be a fortress used by one of King David’s allies. Israel Antiquities Authority believes that it belonged to the kingdom of Geshur.

Stone walls encircled a small hilltop, an ideal observation view. Numerous artifacts were used to identify the original owners of the fort, including an ancient ring and a figurine of a woman with a drum.

Other stone carvings were found, including one of a moon god. The site is being preserved for additional excavation. Numerous other Geshurite sites have been discovered in that area.

The Geshurites did not belong to the tribes of Israel, but cooperated with King David as an ally. One of David’s wives, Maachah, was the daughter of a Geshurite king. Their son, Absalom, murdered his half-brother, Amnon and fled to Geshur.

No other “holy book” comes close to the Bible in historical context. We may wonder at the detail of the tribes and geographical sites in the Old Testament. How many of us have read through the whole book of Numbers recently? But God meticulously preserved this record of actual events and is now using the archaeologist’s shovel to prove the truth of His word.

Discoveries such as this give soul winners the confidence to present God’s word as the solution to the world’s ills. That is the reason that Chick tracts are laced with quotations from the Bible. That is really where the power is to transform lives.