Abortion's New Level of Evil Opens Witnessing Opportunity

Undercover footage shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses, and admitting she uses partial-birth abortions to supply intact organs.

The current shock over the sale of aborted baby parts is just another sordid revelation of abortion's evil. And it is not exactly new news. Fifteen years ago, a similar story surfaced but failed to stop this slaughter of the innocents. The article is referenced in a Chick tract published in 2000 called Who Murdered Clarice?. At the time, it was passed off as an isolated incident and the evil continued.

Fortunately this time, the secret video revealed a high-level administrator in Planned Parenthood's abortion field admitting to abortion procedures carefully executed to preserve certain organs in the murdered baby. Intact livers seemed to be in particular demand.

As with most crimes, what to do with the evidence? Have you ever wondered what happened to those aborted babies after they were torn apart? Maybe we assumed it was simply disposed of as "medical waste" like amputated limbs or excised cancers.

But "medical research" had a "better" solution: After the video, Planned Parenthood claims that it was only furthering science by supplying "tissue" for research. The administrator's cavalier attitude in the video earned her a reprimand, but Planned Parenthood insisted that the "tissue" was actually being legally donated for research. Any money paid was only for delivery expenses. Another case of the end justifying the means: Robbing a bank may be okay, if you donate the money to charity.

So, how did we get here to over 55 million dead babies? Biblically, abortion is a parallel of Israel's fiery sacrifice of children to the god, Molech. When Israel left worshipping Jehovah and joined the local idol worship, many sacrifices were demanded to appease them. The devils behind those idols were true minions of Lucifer, demanding the ultimate sacrifice —death. And the little ones are the most vulnerable.

When godless humanism began creeping into our culture, it opened the door to the sexual revolution. With God out of the picture, man becomes the pinnacle, and whatever pleases him becomes legitimate. Worship of personal pleasure becomes the ultimate and no unwanted "blob of tissue" can stand in the way. We chose death instead of the abundant life Christ intended.

This worship of sexual pleasure led to the breakdown of the family, leaving the poor unborn little one without much of a chance. Easy divorce cast aside the concern for the children, and now, same-sex perversion further places them in jeopardy as adopted sexual targets for homosexual "parents."

Unfortunately, the country is looking to the government to put a stop to this holocaust, but passing laws against abortion will not bring back the loving concern of a godly family. Only widespread repentance and restoring the biblical pattern of marriage will work.

Who Murdered Clarice? is a powerful reminder of the pain in the heart of Jesus for the innocent blood we are shedding. It also shows His indignation on judgment day. But best of all, it points the way to repentance and restoration for anyone who will seek His forgiveness.

While the nation is in shock over this revelation of the ghoulish use of the parts of these dismembered babies, now is the time to saturate your community with the biblical truth in this tract while the subject is on people's minds.