A Message From Jack Chick

Dear Ones in Christ,

What a world! TV, films, Disneyland, Positive Thinking and lots of "tolerance" for everything. We look the other way when something is a little weird, because "we shouldn't talk about unpleasant issues." Churches flourish when the message is uplifting and we feel good.

What's wrong with this? We've forgotten that God is "a jealous God," that He is "a consuming fire," that this whole world will face His wrath during the coming Tribulation. And why did we forget? Because it's not nice to think about things like that.

So we put aside our Bibles and read what the latest Christian leader has written on how to enlarge our churches, how to keep the large crowds happy, how to have health, wealth and happiness! But we still live the same selfish lives we've always lived. We go on enjoying our own self-righteous front we put on before the (ugh!) "unchurched."

Do they see through our phoniness? You bet they do! And their contempt is growing daily, through witchcraft, violence and pornography. Want to see their contempt? It's in movies and television as they take continuous shots at Bible-believers, inferring they are the "true" terrorists.

Isn't it time for a revival? Isn't it time to tell the world that the only hope during this madness is to look for the Lord's return, to repent of our wickedness and to get our noses into God's holy and preserved words, the King James Bible (you know, the only version everyone hates)?

As this worldly system collapses around us, the promises of His word are all we truly have to hang on to. Faith in our religious leaders is foolishness. Because compromise is everywhere, we must stick close to the Lord Jesus and walk the straight and narrow path, no matter what the cost.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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