A Message From Jack Chick

Dear Ones in Christ,

The other day at church the parent of a young teenager told about how he had given a present to his daughter: an iPod, an investment of over $300.

The teenager`s response was a perfect sign of the times. She responded flatly, "Oh... it doesn`t have the extra attachments."

Too many people take everything for granted. They think everything in life is only important if it affects them.

That`s where this tract comes in. Almost every page of our new tract, It`s All About You, appeals to the selfishness of the unsaved.

The teenager is continually confronted with what affects her life. But we all know that what is most important is not a "what," it`s a "Who."

There are spiritual forces around her that she doesn`t understand, and one character who is after her soul.

This tract is good for young and old alike, because it confronts both our own selfishness and our need for a Saviour.

I pray this tract will be put into the hand of every teen in the country.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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