Would Muhammad Approve Blowing Up an Airliner?

The Muslim who attempted to blow up an airliner last Christmas, illustrates the religious nature of the "terror war."

The bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was trained and assisted in his mission by a spiritual leader, the Muslim Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

Today, the face of war has changed from battlefield confrontations with "enemy combatants" wearing clearly marked uniforms, to anonymous, random attacks of what we now call "terrorism."

Past wars always had a religious overtone. Early America fought to escape religious persecution. Later conflicts were mostly defending the freedom to worship as we wish. This time, it is only different in method.

However, Western World leaders, hung up on being tolerant to all beliefs, deny that Islam`s violence is central to their religion, and claim that it is only practiced by a small number of "radicals." Spiritually, Islam is well positioned to execute this new kind of "war."

Traditional war has "rules of engagement" that attempt to protect the innocent. In Islam, there are no "innocents," only believers or "disbelievers."

Believers are obligated by Allah to execute disbelievers if they refuse to convert (Sura 8:12). Slavery is proposed as a middle ground but not a frequent option.

So we see that the no-man`s-land between Islam and its enemies is not a territory, but a belief. Therefore, it is free to attack a "disbeliever" anywhere on earth using any available subterfuge.

So, we can`t just believe what we wish about Islam. We must look at what the Qur`an teaches and how its founder, Muhammad, carried out these teachings.

Mohammad Ghazoli, in his book, Christ, Muhammad and I, describes the brutality of the raids by Muhammad`s bandits on innocent commercial caravans and affluent cities. Beyond just robbery, he gleefully raped, beheaded, and hot-iron tortured "disbelievers" for entertainment. (See Chapter 4.)

In fact, Muhammad did not have a book to go by. He made up the Qur`an as he went. Whatever he wanted to do, Allah would "send down" passages that approved of his savagery and lust for beautiful women.

After he died, his followers cobbled together the Qur`an from bits and pieces, some written on bones, palm leaves, slabs of wood and bark and whatever they could remember.

Both Ghazoli`s book and Who Is This Allah, by G.J.O. Moshay, describe in great detail why violence is required as long as "disbelievers" exist. Unlike most wars in recent history, the "war on terror" has a huge spiritual component.

It is not just another belief system but a mandate for the one billion Muslims to rid the world of all kafirs (infidels). Umar Farouk was simply using modern technology to obey the Qur`an. Muhammad would have been proud.

Any "moderate Muslim" who disbelieves this, is a traitor to Islam and subject to execution.

Some dare to state that Allah and Jehovah are the same God. Where do we see Jesus, the only begotten Son of Jehovah, approving such brutal and humiliating behavior?

As Ghazoli`s book portrays, when the deceived Muslim discovers the loving God of the Bible, his heart leaps in response. He knows that Islam is contradictory to common sense and the yearning of the human spirit. But Muslim-dominated cultures know that if they allow the truth of Jehovah`s anti-violence and unlimited love to intrude, their power is doomed.

Soul winners, we must show them this good news. Millions of Muslims have come into our neighborhoods. This mission field is just outside our doors.

Chick Publications has given you the tools. Now, let`s get the good news into their hands.

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