Tract Passing Tips - January 2000

Every time I go to the grocery store, I see these large metal cylinders of Folger's coffee. So now I take off the plastic lid, lay a tract on top, then snap the plastic lid on again. Nothing goes better with a cup of Folger's coffee than the Mad Machine.
E.M., Oklahoma

As an avid reader, I browse secular bookstores as well as our Christian ones, and I go armed with Chick tracts. I tuck them inside the pages or jackets of selected books. The Gun Slinger is slipped inside Westerns, A Love Story inside Romances, Back From The Dead is buried in horror titles, and so on. There is a Chick tract for virtually every category, and when the hungry readers of these pulps choose their fare, they'll find something considerably more substantial waiting for them.
J.P., Iowa

The half size Ziplock Baggies work excellently with a tract and some candy inside for birthday party loot bags or Halloween treat bags Also this bag idea works when you are at a "water amusement park" because the bags seal well keeping water out.
R.D., Pennsylvania

There are lots of church members and young people that aren't saved yet. I put ten of each title in a paper bag and give them to other Christians in my work area who are willing to pass out tracts in their churches. What an opportunity to plant the precious seed.
D.W., North Carolina

In the busy downtown area the sidewalks are full of people. I place a dollar bill inside a Chick tract with the ends sticking out and hold it with a paper clip. I have never seen the money kept and the tract discarded. It's crazy, but a dollar to win a soul is an exceptional value.
S.W., Florida

During the summer, teens often hold car washes behind gas stations and stores. Whenever I need my car washed I take a pack of tracts with me to give to the people washing cars. The response to receiving the tracts is great!
L.W., California

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