'The Seed Was Planted'

Daniel Rodriguez, author of Winning the Witnesses, received the following email from a former Jehovah`s Witness.  She had bought a copy and begun to use the witnessing strategy suggested in the book:

I used your method on three young girls this past Saturday. When I asked them if the Watchtower was "inspired" the older one, about 18-20 years old, said yes! I then asked if she understood what I meant by inspired, and she said she didn`t understand. I explained and she still said yes! Then I asked that if that was so, then why did the predictions of the Watchtower not come to pass?

She looked right at me with a confused look. (The seed was planted!) She said she did not know that and I encouraged her to ask her elders about this and she said she would. I encouraged her to come back and talk to me anytime if she wanted to know more about this.

I used your strategy and they were so confused! I know that those seeds of doubt will bear fruit and I believe she and her little friends will all come to the saving knowledge of Christ. I have been praying for them.

Praise God, Daniel! I found this book absolutely accurate and your strategies are precise. Incidentally, the young JW that came to my house actually said to me when I asked her why [she trusted] the Watchtower: "Because the Bible is not meant to be taken literally!" She also said that we are not supposed to read the Bible because it is full of prophecies and we are not meant to interpret them.

That is the "canned" answer the Watchtower instructs the JW to give to "pagans." Like I said, I took control of the conversation using your strategies, and you are correct, my brother, it just threw her into confusion. Daniel, I believe that God gave you the tools to help bring these precious and sincere people out of that cult. I, being a former JW, can tell you that the Watchtower calls all shots! Thank you for your ministry.

Many Blessings,


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