The Gift Presented to Law Makers in Brazil

As a missionary to Brazil, Daniel Callis' vision to distribute 10,000 Portuguese The Gift throughout Brazil has expanded beyond what he had expected.

During a recent "prayer walk" with Brazilian Christians and volunteers from Texas, they stopped in front of the state representatives building to pray. After prayer they decided to go in and see if they could speak to or perhaps even pray for the representatives.

Danny shares what happened next, "The Lord opened the door and we visited all the offices of the representatives, meeting about twenty of them, praying for each. We gave the The Gift to the representatives and gave tracts to the others in their offices. "In one office there were twelve mayors from interior cities. They all received a copy of The Gift. As we were leaving the building, one of the volunteers asked me what I thought were the feelings of the representatives in getting a comic book, as a present, from Americans.

"I had not given it any thought, but when he asked me, I imagined that a representative in the U.S. receiving a comic book would think you were a little crazy, so I worried that the Brazilian politicians would think the same thing.

"I then went up to a Brazilian pastor and asked him what he thought. He said that as they gave out The Gift and other tracts, he noticed that a woman looked through hers and closed it up. He asked her what she thought of it and she said that it was very well done and a very effective way to communicate our message. She thought it appropriate. It turned out that she was a journalist. God confirmed that we were reaching the leaders of the people with a 'comic book.'

"The next day we prayed for the city leaders. The city council was in session, but we were allowed to walk in, be recognized by them and have The Gift and other tracts distributed to the president and other officers of the city of Salvador. Distribution was done publicly and one of the councilmen held up the literature and described it. We were amazed that the Lord allowed us to reach so many leaders. May He be glorified."

We feel that Callis' choice to translate and distribute The Gift in Brazil is a good one because the crucifix is very prominent but people do not really know the reason Jesus died on the cross. Callis felt that the people of Brazil would respond to The Gift because of its comic book format. The comic book format of The Gift is also consistent with Callis' other outreach tools that he uses, such as films and drama, that are visually orientated and very successful.

Callis and Todd Roper, who has a ministry suppling literature to missionaries, are working together on another project for Brazil. They have a vision to have a million Chick tracts in Brazil to be used in February 1998 during Carnival.

Carnival is a nation-wide, week long celebration that takes place every year in Brazil. It is similar to Mardi Gras in the U.S. Callis is expecting two million of the three million people that live in the area to be on the streets celebrating.

They are preparing now to be ready for this prime witnessing opportunity. If you know any missionaries in Brazil consider providing them with Chick tracts for Carnival. Simply send us the name and address of your missionaries and we will send them samples to review and then you will be able to purchase the tracts for them that will be the most effective.

Please keep Danny Callis and Todd Roper in prayer as they distribute The Gift and prepare for Carnival in Brazil.

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