The Bright Side of Muslim Immigration

Rivers of immigrants are roiling the politics of most of the Western World. Past open-arms policies are attracting millions of desperate, destitute people fleeing horrific conflicts. Thousands are dying on overloaded boats never designed for open ocean transit.

Religion has always been a factor in warfare and today's is no different. But the bulk of the agony is Muslim against Muslim. Touted as a "religion of peace," the stories of brutality told by the immigrants leaves them only in fear.

However, accounts are beginning to surface of Muslims who are finding relief from that fear ---in Christ. Breaking Christian News recently carried an article claiming that Muslim refugees in Germany are "Flocking to Jesus."

"One Persian-speaking congregation claims more than 600 people got baptized this year, alone," it states. One convert said, "In Iran I began to look into various religions. Then I really asked myself why I live all the time in fear."

This highlights the power of the biblical gospel: it carries a hopeful message of a love totally unknown in Islam. This is a classic example of the scripture: "Perfect love casteth out fear" (1st John 4:18.)

Some had questioned the motivation of the converts whether they might think that converting would help their hope of asylum. One pastor pointed out that that was secondary, since their coming would expose them to the gospel in the process. "I am inviting them to join us because I know that whoever comes here will not be left unchanged," he said.

Even without the influx of refugees in recent months, over 2,000 mosques dot the U.S. with an estimated 2.75 million adherents to Islam. We now frequently see traditional Muslim attire in our neighborhoods and stores.

As soul winners, we must not join the crowd deploring the arrival of these people —it's really a home-grown mission field. And when you study their faces, rarely do you see any joy.

German converts said it best: "I've been looking all my life for peace and happiness, but in Islam, I have not found them." And: "In Islam, we always lived in fear. Fear of God, fear of sin, fear of punishment. But Christ is a God of love."

Those who reach out to Muslims tell us that communicating that unconditional love is the magnet that draws their hearts. They are surprised and drawn to the joy of the Lord that we take for granted.

There was a story during the Iraq war of an American reporter who was sitting in a New York restaurant after spending a month in Iraq. He heard tinkling laughter by a lady across the room. He was shocked to realize that he had not heard that sound the whole month he was in Iraq.

Muslims are in bondage to a system of fear and slavery. Chick Publications has several tracts that communicate the difference that God's love makes in our lives.

We also have a guide book, When the Mosque Comes to Town, written specifically for building a relationship with your Muslim neighbors. Do's and dont's are spelled out to help navigate their cultural viewpoints.