Sodomites Continuing Push for Approval

The homosexual steam roller is picking up speed. Nationally, at this writing, a "hate crimes" bill has cleared the House of Representatives and awaits Senate vote. President Obama has pledged to sign it.

It places "sexual orientation" as a special class of people just like race, religion, ethnicity, etc. Any crime motivated by hate for a person of one of these classes gets special, additional punishment.

Pedophilia Protected

Opponents to the bill attempted to write in a definition for "sexual orientation." They pointed out that the American Psychiatric Association classifies over two dozen "sexual orientations" including not only homosexuality and bisexuality but other sexual behaviors, many of which are identified as disorders and some are illegal.

They include voyeurism, exhibitionism, zoophilia (sex with animals) sado-masochism, necrophilia and pedophilia. Lawmakers refused to define sexual orientation in the bill and even stripped out an amendment that specifically exempted pedophilia from the protected class.

Homosexual Day in California?

In California, a bill to designate May 22 as Harvey Milk day is being considered. He was the first openly homosexual candidate in the nation to gain public office when he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977.

If the bill succeeds, all the California schools will be encouraged to honor him and his "achievements" as a famous "civil rights" pioneer who paved the way for other sodomites to come out of the closet.

Homosexual activists are increasing their push to indoctrinate our children. Public schools are the chosen venue for their propaganda. Laws are being passed forcing teachers and professors to present deviant sexual behavior as healthy and demanding that homosexuals in history be honored for their contributions.

Multigender School Bathrooms

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is a nationwide organization dedicated to pushing the homosexual agenda in schools, kindergarten through university. They promote student clubs for confused students, special "days of action" such as Day of Silence in April, Transgender Day of Remembrance in November, and "multigendered" bathrooms and locker rooms.

Preschoolers Learn About Sperm Donors

Curriculum materials are also being rewritten to include stories of families that consist of same-sex parents. Kindergarteners are being taught that it is okay to have two moms or two dads.

A book sold in Australia as suitable for preschoolers describes how two women can still have a baby by sperm donors. It shows two men holding a baby in a chapter on surrogacy. 

Sex Change Surgery Starts at Age 7

Doctors here and in Europe are beginning to administer hormones to children as young as 7 to delay puberty, the first step in preparing for later sex change surgery.

Besides bending the schools to their agenda, sodomite activists know another powerful way to change the culture is through movies and TV. Programming regularly includes homosexual characters in the already highly sexualized plots. Few parents monitor their children`s viewing choices so the perversion has moved from late night to prime time shows.


Sexual Preference vs. Orientation

In the days of Harvey Milk, homo-sexuality was called a sexual "preference" —a choice he preferred. Satan cleverly inspired them to begin calling it an "orientation" —a permanent characteristic like black skin. They were, supposedly, "born that way."

Sin Now a Civil Right

If this was the case, then it was a violation of their "civil rights" to "discriminate" against them for something they could not help. This allowed them to tap into the momentum of the civil rights movement and demand legal protection against discrimination, just as the racial minorities were getting.

Once their sin was legalized, the camel`s nose was under the tent. The push continues for accommodation, acceptance and finally, approval.

Nothing less will do. They have gotten the laws on their side, the entertainment industry captured, the schools infiltrated. They will stop at nothing until all objection, including God`s opinion, is silenced.

Take It To The People

The only avenues of response left to the Bible believer is to go directly to the common people. Over and over in history, when there was no other way to spread the word, Christians flooded the country with literature.

Short, simple, powerful, biblical truths were spread by gospel tracts. From those efforts, revival awakenings sprang up and Satan was beaten back for a season.

Chick Publications has tracts and books with powerful stories that drive home God`s truths. Some are almost too hot to just hand to someone, but if left where they will be found, they expose the deception of this sin we have embraced.

Tracts include Sin City and Doom Town. A recently released paperback, Hot Topics, illustrates the seriousness of this sin and what we need to do about it.

Jail Time May Be Reality

If we do not turn the tide on this, we will face jail time for preaching God`s truth from His Word. Bible believers in Canada and Europe have already come face to face with this reality.