Religious Freedom Does Not Guarantee Righteousness

While America has suffered a significant decline in righteousness, a recent study by the Becket religious liberty law firm finds increased support for religious freedom. Sixty percent of the 1,000 respondents to the survey favored the practice of religious expression even if it inconvenienced other people. Eighty percent were against interference by government in their individual beliefs. Seventy-four percent supported the expression of religious practices in the workplace.

However, the decline in righteousness complicates this considerably. America’s founding fathers recognized that Biblical beliefs were the foundation of this freedom. They did not visualize that that freedom would allow Muslim honor killings or satanic statues in government buildings.

The capture of our culture by atheistic humanism also opens the door to those who want to eliminate all religious practices. This has led to the removal of any consideration of God in our public schools.

The founding fathers openly declared that virtue was necessary for the success of the government that they had established. And it was understood that that virtue would need to come from a Judeo-Christian culture. What we have now does not represent what they had in mind. But they knew that that freedom could be turned into license when the culture deteriorated to the viewpoint that everyone has a right to do that which is right in his own eyes.

This puts a special spotlight on the importance of righteousness in the nation. And righteousness is not the result of an increasingly larger police force; it must come from the bottom up. Whatever children are taught, that will be the direction of the culture in the next generation.

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America needs a revival of the consciousness of sin before a holy God. That awareness can only come when people are taught God’s laws. They need to be taught that His laws are designed for our benefit. The constitution guarantees our freedom to pursue happiness. But we must pursue happiness according to God’s plan. If we pursue it in sinful ways it can only lead to disappointment, despair and death. And we are seeing an increasing abundance of all of these.

Revivals in history have often been started with a wide distribution of gospel tracts.

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