Radical Muslims Recruiting in U.S. Prisons

Is there a terrorist training camp near you? Some of the leaders of America's prison ministries say that there could well be.

Through a special prison "ministry" funded by the Saudi Arabian government, Muslim imams are operating an Islamic "outreach" program in many prisons in the U.S. and other Western nations. And they are not always teaching "love thy neighbor."

Inmates are entitled to visits from their spiritual leaders regardless of religious stripe. Terrorist leaders have not overlooked this opening. "Al Qaeda training manuals specifically identify America's prisoners as candidates for conversion because they may be disenchanted with their country's policies, writes Chuck Colson in The Wall Street Journal.

U.S. Muslim leaders claim that more than 200 imams have been recruited here and trained in Saudi Arabia. They recognize that the promise of paradise as a reward for jihad, coupled with the seething resentment of many prisoners, can be used in their war against America and the West.

It is no accident that "shoe bomber" Richard Reid and "dirty bomber" Jose Padilla were both prison "converts" to Islam.

There are some who believe that the U.S. Black Muslim movement, which was largely home grown, is being hijacked by the radical terrorists. If they succeed, they will have thousands or even millions of recruits who, when released, can move freely in America but will work for the terrorist goals.

Soul winners, this is a place where we can personally enlist in the war on terrorism. We all live near a prison or jail of some kind. If the doors are open to the radical Muslims, then they are also open to Christians.

Chick Publications has received hundreds of letters from prisoners telling how one little gospel booklet will go from cell to cell challenging sometimes hundreds of inmates to let Jesus turn their life around.

Chaplains, and even wardens, have written of how the anger and resentment of the men has been defused by the gospel. The seething tension which Islam is capitalizing on would no longer exist.

The terrorists are bringing the war to our neighborhoods. Bible believers need to meet them head on with the gospel.

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